New marketing ideas can come up at any time. This often happens outside of business hours. The only available way of pitching an idea is email. You require a certain level of training to personally present your ideas to clients. Likewise, mass mailings require preliminary work. You will need to collect email addresses of the target audience interested in your brand, and then create a quality email.

Promoting your bulk emails in front of marketing-gurus is tough. Not only does it have to address your target customers, be of a certain caliber, and be ready at the perfect moment, but it also has to be read by the right customers.

You can waste a lot of hours addressing to industry influencers and bloggers and have many major learning perspectives along this process. You should know that there isn’t a one-the-best message template that will please you with a positive response.

Keep your emails short and sweet

The key principle to follow when writing an email is to keep it short. When a company representative comes up with new ideas, they want to share their experience with clients and try to describe it in as much detail as possible:

•   new functionality of the software;

•   adding innovative products;

•   new services offered by the company.

The email may contain calls for updates or other unnecessary phrases that will reduce the effectiveness of your marketing campaign.

When creating a text for mass mailing, don’t exceed the limit of eight sentences. They can include basic information that may interest a potential buyer. Don’t use general phrases and a long introductions, it is enough to convince a customer of the need to buy a new product or the effectiveness of the offered service. Don’t forget to put a link to your site. Thanks to it, customers interested in the services of your company will be able to easily visit it to get full information.

Get the conversation offline

If you want to effectively promote your idea, you need to turn the conversation from email to an informal meeting. Online product descriptions don’t always lead to getting any feedback, so it’s better to contact the customer by phone or meet in person to present your idea in more detail.

A simple option for communicating with users is to use certain phrases to complete the email, which express your hope for a personal conversation; or you can offer them to call you at a certain time. This will help the customer prepare for the meeting before discussing your idea.

If you are interested in promoting a new project, forget about the need to convince the client. After you figured out how to write a pitch letter and wrote it, reread it. Check if it has the answer to the question: “So what?” User may ask it after studying the information you presented, and if they don’t find an answer to it, your chances of getting feedback may decrease.

The best example of a persuasive email is the one which contain your idea in its very first sentence. After that the user will find out how this will affect his life. At the end, place an offer to call them. The client will quickly grasp the necessary information and will be able to think about his further actions.

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Wrap up

You can use a pitching email template, where you will need to indicate your idea and apply the original design of your company. Such emails are well received by customers and increase the brand loyalty. Users will be able to get acquainted with your ideas and decide on further actions, whether they’d want to continue the conversation and learn more about the proposal or ignore your letter. A correctly chosen strategy will allow you to maintain customer’s interest and continue communication in a different format.

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