Corporate event planning isn’t an easy thing, especially if a lot hinges on your event and its eventual success. The good news is, you can get the help you need if you know what help to look for, and there are some elements of planning a corporate event which are made easier with the proper knowledge and advice. But along with this, one of your biggest responsibilities is to make sure that you choose the right venue. The proper place for your corporate event needs to be suitable to the theme or vision of your event, and it also needs to fulfil certain other requirements regarding location and accessibility, space and size, facilities, and so on. So how can you make the entire process of selecting a venue an easier affair? Here’s how you can quickly and easily pick a venue for your corporate event.

Think of a weekday

While most corporate events are held on weekends or Fridays, why not consider holding your event during the middle of the week? This will make it easier to find a venue on your preferred date as the demand isn’t that high. Also, different venues will come with different rates and prices, and holding your event on a weekday may give you a better site at a more affordable price as well. Weekday events will often bring lower fees since there isn’t a lot of competition for the venue, but if you are set on holding your event on a Friday or Saturday, be prepared to stick to your budget while still getting the best value for your money with your choice of event venue.

Always remember location, location, location!

Just like in the real estate world, location is key when it comes to event planning. You are more likely to have a greater number of attendees or participants if your location is interesting or ideal. Think about your guests’ or attendees’ convenience – will they be able to get to the venue by private vehicle and public transport, including rail and plane? Also, there are some locations which already boast their own charm; the Cotswolds is one such location that can attract numerous participants and attendees. Think of event venues in good locations that are still readily accessible. Don’t forget the parking or the valet service, either. 

Consider the space

The size and space afforded by the venue matters as well, especially if you are planning to host several activities, be it indoors or outdoors. Are you planning to have team building activities or networking activities? Then you need to have the appropriate space for these. The same is true if you are planning some fun activities such as scavenger hunts or dancing. You need to have a venue with space large enough to accommodate whatever activities you are planning, so make your list of activities early on, so you know your space requirements.

Know your guest numbers

Once you already have a budget, you also need to make your guest or attendees list. You need to figure out how many attendees or participants you will have for your event; a good estimate at the beginning will do, so you know to look for venues that can accommodate your maximum capacity. It’s always better to opt for a venue that can accommodate slightly more than your expected number of attendees, as you never know who might turn up at the last minute.

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