The COVID-19 pandemic has affected millions of people across the world, and the scientists are yet to discover a vaccine. In India, the number of cases is increasing at an alarming rate. The health experts and world organisations have been urging people to take all the necessary precautionary measures to keep the virus at bay. The health guidelines suggest that strengthening the immune system by doing workouts and eating healthy can help in surviving through this pandemic. Since senior citizens have a weaker immune system, the doctors are advising to take special care of them.

Therefore, it becomes crucial to look after the health condition of senior citizens of every household. Apart from following a proper healthcare routine, you must buy the best health insurance for senior citizens of your family. Deterioration in health during old age is obvious, and you have to be mentally and financially prepared for the unforeseen consequences of the same. Health insurance companies have also made all the required improvisations to the existing plans. To find the best health insurance for senior citizens, click here and compare the available options.

The elders need our support when their health conditions start becoming fragile.

What To Look For In The Plans?

The first thing to look after while buying the best health insurance for senior citizens is to check if a few elements are there in the plan or not. Some coverages and benefits are different in plans that are specifically designed for older people. Your primary concern should be choosing the right insurance company. Find the one that offers the best health insurance for senior citizens.

Entry Age of The Plan

Every health insurance plan defines the age limit for buying a health insurance policy. While the normal plans have a usual limit of 18 years to 50 or 55 years, the best health insurance for senior citizens has the maximum limit bar up to 80 years old. You should first sort out the policies that have a higher entry age.

The Waiting Period Before Claim

After the age of 60, any kind of serious health issue can affect a person. The coronavirus also affects the elders more easily given their immune system is weaker than the youngers. So, you should have a look at the waiting period which must not be over 3 months-3 years.

Sub-Limits And No-Bonus Claim

The sub-limits on room rents and other hospital expenses can restrict the benefits of a plan. You should find plans with no sub-limits. Also, most of the companies offer a no-claim bonus on every claim-free year. The bonus is between 5% and 10% of the total sum insured. These elements can help you in uplifting the value of the money you will pay a monthly premium.

Lifetime Renewal

The best health insurance plan for senior citizens must have a lifetime renewal option. This option will allow you to carry forward the benefits of the claim-free years.

Coverage For Pre-Existing Diseases

If the senior citizens of your family already have some kind of chronic disease or if they often suffer from illness, you should ensure that the policy covers all the pre-existing diseases. You will need to do a health check-up of the members and submit the report at the time of buying the health insurance plan.

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How To Buy A Plan Online?

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the world has started functioning through online platforms. You must also be looking for a similar option where you can easily buy the best health insurance for senior citizens. Several insurance brokers in India operate online and provide almost all types of insurance plans. You can easily apply filters, look for the plans you need, compare the benefits and costs, and then choose the one of your preference. You can do all this in a few simple steps.

  • Go to your browser (smartphone or computer) and search for the best online insurance brokers.
  • Choose the website that you find is the best and has a user-friendly interface.
  • Go to the products toggle and choose health insurance plans.
  • Click on find plans, and the webpage will display all the available insurance plan from different companies. You can apply filters or choose to plans to compare. The websites usually have a comparison feature to give a clear picture.
  • Choose the best health insurance for senior citizens and then click on get the quote/buy now.
  • Complete the procedure as directed and make the online payment using your e-banking facility.

COVID-19 pandemic is a risky period for senior citizens. You should take extreme care of your parents’ health and be with them. Also, buy health insurance to create a financial backup considering the worst situation can arise anytime. Once you buy the best plan available, you would not have to worry about paying the hospital bills!


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