It is universally knowing that cervical cancer is the most common gynecological malignancy and persistent high-risk HPV infection is the major risk factor for cervical cancer. According to the survey from research, more than 90% of cervical cancer is associated with high-risk HPV infection. HPV(Human Papillomavirus), usually spread through sexual behavior and intimate skin-to-skin contact, is a DNA virus we should all pay more attention to at the precaution stage.

In this case, the best way to prevent HPV infection is to conduct the HPV test regularly. Since there are varies of problems in doing the HPV test in the hospital, such as difficulty in getting appointments, embarrassment, lack oftime, and having a physical disability; hence, sampling at home would be a better choice. But how can we do this? All you need is an HPV self-sampling test kit like Mantacc’s MSC-95000M HPV test kit. Below are the major benefits of using the HPV self-sampling kit for testing.

1. Convenient to use

Unlike other medical testings, HPV self-sampling test kit available from professional manufacturers is easy and convenientto use, which is the most significant advantage of it and the primary reason for it to become the most popular self-sampling method at the moment.

Let’s take MSC-95000Mas an example, users only need four steps to finish the HPV self-sampling test. Firstly, lower down your underwear and take out the swab carefully, making sure that your hand doesn’t touch the flocked swab to avoid additional contamination. Secondly, insert the swab into the vagina gently. Thirdly, rotate the swab gently several times then remove it. Lastly, place it into the tube and send it to your doctor then wait for your result.

Such a convenient process can massively improve user comfortability and flexibility in using the HPV self-sampling kit, which is ideal for clinics and hospitals to provide such a sampling tool for specimen collection.

2. Easy to get

Nowadays,theimportance of HPV testing is known by people widely, it is not as easy as previous to do an HPV test in the hospital because there may not be enough staff to collect samples from patients. With an easy-to-use HPV self-sampling kit, the patient do not need to bother in making an special appointment in advance with the hospital; meanwhile, the clinic and hospital can free extra staff to focus on more tasks. A simple change to a dedicated HPV self-sampling kit can increase the efficiency of the sampling and testing procedure.

HPV test

Patients can conduct the HPV test whenever they want with such a product. All you need to do is order a test from your closest clinic or hospital, then the facility will provide a HPV self-sampling kit made from professional producers like Mantacc. You have the freedom and space to collect specimen whenever and wherever you feel safe and comfortable, then return it back to the facility for detailed testing.

3. Good for your overall health condition

HPV is mostly symptomless and hard to detect without a test until years after you’ve contacted the virus; therefore, it is critical to do the HPV test regularly and be more precautious. Not only can testers recognize the whether you are infected or not in time, but patients test result will be followed by precise medical consultation and suggestion. Thus, if anyone wants to prevent the HPV infection, you’d better use the HPV self-sampling test kit from a high standard experienced company to ensure quality. Some companies provide special designed container which can keep the extracted sample active for a longer duration to improve the test accuracy.

4. Protect privacy

Most people will feel embarrassed when nakedly face a stranger, especially doing the HPV test needs the nurse to insert the swab into the vagina to collect the sample. It can feel uncomfortable as a privacy breach for most people. It will never happen if you do the HPV test with the HPV self-sampling test kit by yourself at home, which can keep the privacy and prevent the situation mentioned. From facilities’ perspectives, they should also strive for protecting the clients’ privacy as much as possible. Having an option for them to collect sample on their own provide an absolute benefit for hospitals to showcase they care about their patients all around.


All in all, conducting HPV test is much more important than you can imagine, and having a dedicated HPV sample tool is ideal for improving the overall service of a facility. Every woman who cares about and loves herself will do this test regularly to prevent HPV infection and cervical cancer; meanwhile as a professional facility, clinics, hospitals, and research labs should provide the most advanced and highest quality HPV sampling kit to improve collection efficiency and ensure all results are accurate and reliable.

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