The Internet has changed the working world in every conceivable way. Nearly every conceivable industry has been impacted on every level, from hiring practices to the skills needed to thrive professionally. 

Due to these seismic shifts, HR has been irrevocably altered. Like the fact that 73% of employees value flexible work arrangements, for instance. 

This doesn’t show any sign of slowing, either, as the digital economy continues to reshape the way we work. Let’s take a look at some other HR trends of 2020 you need to keep an eye on. 

1. Focus On Worker’s Well-Being

Today’s employees are less likely to make their work their entire world. They’re also more likely to emphasize health, wellness, and having a work-life balance. 

This is mandatory, as work continues to encroach upon our daily lives. Employees are often expected to field emails when they’re not working and even do work off-the-clock. 

One of the HR trends of 2020 to focus on is emphasizing how your company treats employees fairly and ethically. This will do a lot to help you attract the top talent. Even more, it will help you keep them. 

2. Augmented Workplace

Sensationalist headlines about automation and the rise of the robots have been omnipresent in recent years. This should come as no surprise. Science fiction has been hinting at a technology-assisted workplace since its very first days. 

This science fiction is quickly becoming science fact. Automation in the workplace has been becoming increasingly common with each passing year. At this point, over 50% of employees are already using some form of Artificial Intelligence at work. 

This HR trend means that you should be training your employees in how to work with emerging technologies like virtual assistants and AI chatbots. You might also emphasize having them in your promotional materials, as not having these tools could make your company seem old fashioned. 

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3. Augmented HR

Some of the biggest companies on Earth, such  as L’oreal or Hilton Hotels, have been using Artificial Intelligence to facilitate HR. Jobs are becoming increasingly competitive and demanding, requiring a sophisticated mixture of skills, experience, and personality traits. 

AI can make sense of all of these cues in a way that most human HR departments simply can’t. There’s often a certain amount of guesswork that goes into the hiring process when humans are involved. This leaves room for all kinds of biases, as well as the risk of passing up excellent employees. 

Hiring is just one aspect where AI is integrating with HR. Artificial Intelligence is already being used for everything from promoting internally to reporting sexual harassment. 

Trends in HR aren’t slowing down anytime soon. If anything, changes will just keep getting faster and more extreme as we continue to evolve and adapt with today’s rapidly accelerating technology.  

Want To Know More About HR Trends In 2020?

It’s an exciting time to be in business. It also can be a bit overwhelming, as there’s so much to keep track of. Now that you’ve heard about the HR trends of 2020, browse the rest of our Business articles today for even more business news and insights!

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