It is always cool to have fresh juice when to start your day or just finished your work out. Eating fruits can be an impossible task to do while you are in a hurry. So, why eat it when you can drink it? 

The all-new blender from the spectacular brand Hurom is seriously extra special! 

Hurom has always aimed to make the blending process effective without losing the nutritional qualities and ingredients’ freshness. Out of all the other blenders available in the market, the Hurom Hexa blender makes our job simpler.

The Blades

The Hurom blender has got Hexa-Blade Technology, which can blend your fruits or vegetables smoothly and nicely. The 6 Hexa Blades in this Hurom blender are made of the best quality steel. It does not leave any pulp or chunk, and it gives you a delicious end product that is smoothie-like in texture. 

The Look

It also looks amazingly sleek, with a beautiful color combination of both black and grey giving it a shiny and polished look.

The Options

The blender has this fantastic option where you can just select what you would want from the blender. It has a programmed setting like Smoothie, Ice Crush, and Soup. That will let you blend anything, be it almonds, fruits, or vegetables. 

The Speed

The high-Speed blending quality present in the Hurom Hexa Blendermakes the juice making process quicker. Its motor of 1600W can blend anything up to the speed of 30,000 RPM. With the help of the manual dial, you can adjust the speed of the motor. 

The Capacity

The blender’s container is 2 liters of capacity; thus, you can make a huge amount of drink at a single go. This container is made of BPA-free Tritan that is the reason for it being so light in weight. 

The Safety

Another great feature of this Hurom blender is that it is instilled with an automatic safety system. A lot of us have the habit of either removing the container from the motor before it completely stops or continues using it even if it becomes too hot, which eventually damages the blender. The automatic safety system can stop the blending process when it is overheated and stops the blending process when the container is taken out of the motor during the process. 


The Hurom Blender is sleek and robust at the same time. All the stainless steel used for the blades keeps them running for a longer time than one may think. 

The cleaning

The most important thing is its cleaning process. The cleaning process is also just as simple as the blending process. With the touch of a button, your blender will be rinsed within 25 seconds. 


The price of the Hexa Blender is just the same as any other blender. It is cost-efficient and worth the price as it lasts longer than you think. 

So, don’t think anymore. Go get this amazing blender and start your day in a fruitier way.

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