Anyone who has gone through a divorce can tell you that this is one of the toughest things that can happen to a family. The process is very complicated as all kinds of emotions from both parties fly through the air. Denial, anger, second thoughts, depression, and acceptance are the things that can happen in a divorce. Some couples take long to finally accept that they are getting divorced. Others take longer. The bottom line is, divorce is a huge battle that needs family dispute resolution for it to end on a peaceful note.

One question though. Where are the children in this whole equation? How will they take it that their parents are divorcing? What happens to them when you both go your separate ways? These are the questions you must both ask yourselves even as you shift blames with each other. Any responsible parents must put their children first, even if you are not on good terms with each other. The truth is, you will both get hurt by the divorce but your children are the ones who will suffer more. So, how will you manage to be a good parent and go through a divorce at the same time? Read on to the end and you will know how to.

Be a co-operative parent

Despite everything, the children are the only unbreakable bond between the two of you. So, as you fight for ownership of property or any other personal interests, think about them. The two of you must be willing to cooperate and act according to the interests of your children. Compromising your personal interests for them is necessary to ensure their future well being.

Have a sincere talk as a couple to ensure that the process is as smooth as possible. Failure to that, you will both find yourselves in and out of the courtrooms, and this will affect both of you but your children more. Being cooperative parents is one of the best things you can do for your children.

Be in Control of Your Emotions

It is true that you are both emotional, and that’s okay. Divorces are always full of emotions. While this is true, divorce is not an emotional process, it’s a legal one. If you let your emotions control you, you will be disappointed by the results. Keep your head straight and be objective as you face the divorce process.

One huge mistake that parents make is transferring their emotions to their children. This is not right. Your children have nothing to do with your divorce. Involving them in your disappointments will only harm them. For instance, some children drop in their school performance while others will end up blaming themselves for your divorce. Others develop negative social behavior. And in worst cases, some children take this up to their adulthood. All these because their parents could not control their emotions during their divorce? Do not let this happen to your children.

As you go through your divorce, be good parents. Keep your emotions to yourselves both in court and with your children.

Keep Your Children Out of Your Arguments

The reason you are divorcing is that you could not agree on something(s) in the first place, so expect to argue. But as wise parents, keep your children out of your arguments. Both of you are angry and emotional, and that is okay. But your children have nothing to do with it. Do not let them see nor hear your arguments. Do not even talk to them about your arguments. If you feel betrayed and have to talk, go to a friend or family friend that you trust. But by all means, keep your children out of it.

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Find a Way to Break the News

One mistake that parents make is assuming that divorce is only about them. Your children are part of the family and will be affected by it. In as much as you need to keep the emotions and the arguments to yourselves, your children need to know that their parents are divorcing. As good parents, talk to them and help them deal with their emotional and psychological well being. Do not let your children suffer for your mistakes.


There are so many children out there who are still suffering because of their parents divorce. Who is to blame? Do not let this happen to your children. If you are going through a divorce, just stop and think about your children first. That’s what it takes to be a good parent.