We are living in a digital world, of which there is little doubt and the smart business owner would make good use of managed IT services, knowing how they can boost a business in many ways. We all know how difficult it can be to gain an insight into IT and with so much to do, there’s little time to spend learning, which is where the managed IT services provider comes into the equation.

What Are Managed IT Services?

Simply put, managed IT services are deployed and managed by a third-party company and for a small fee, the provider will manage specific services, with round-the-clock support.

Range of IT Services

The following IT services are popular with small businesses.

  • VoIP business communication – Why pay high cell phone prices when you can take advantage of Voice over Internet Protocol technology, which enables audio and video transmission via the Internet. Real-time video calls are a game-changer regardless of what type of business you run and your secure cloud network will provide you with 5-star reception; there’s more; all calls are recorded and the system administrator can monitor all traffic. You would be forgiven for thinking VoIP solutions are going to be expensive, yet the truth is, you will actually save money when compared to using a cell network.
  • IT hardware support – If you are fed up with the constant PC crashes and printer issues in the office, worry no more; when you enlist the services of an IT support provider in Charlotte, they make sure everything is always online and ready for use. If the issue cannot be resolved remotely, your IT support partner will radio a technician, who will be with you in a matter of minutes. Office productivity will be greatly improved when all your IT hardware is monitored by professionals and when it is time for an upgrade, your IT support provider would advise you accordingly.
  • Cloud network – Most businesses are already using cloud-based data storage and for very good reason; once all your documents have been digitized, you can store all your data on a remotely located server and all authorized personnel can access whatever they need from any geographical location. You can create a permissions hierarchy that makes sure no one has access to data you want to be secure; sales staff can access all customer information when out in the field, while bookkeeping and accounting can access the Excel files they need and can update at any time. Using the cloud frees up your valuable IT resources and with a little hands-on training, your office staff will quickly become competent. If customer retention is an issue, here is an informative article that might improve things.
  • Cyber-security – Every business is at risk of cyber-crime, with smart hackers that trawl the web, looking for a network loophole and once accessed, your critical data is stolen and you would never know. An important aspect of commerce, cyber-security needs to be of a very high level and with a team of experts available 24/7, your business data is always secure. Ethical hacking involves IT technicians carrying out penetrative tests, trying their best to penetrate your defenses, which is the only way to be sure your network is secure. The US government takes cyber-crime seriously, as you would expect and when your business has top-rated cyber-security, they can source hacking attempts and inform the authorities.

If you would like a free IT needs assessment, search online for a Charlotte based IT support company and they would be happy to show you how their services can help you. If nothing else, you are receiving accurate feedback regarding the level of IT that you are currently using and by joining forces, you can transform your business in many ways.


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