PVC strip curtains are mostly used in commercial establishments. If you have ever been to a factory or warehouse, there is a high probability that you’ve seen one. You can also find them at a few convenient locations. 

You can walk into the grocery store and find one. You can see them in a few restaurants and bars. This is because of the variety they offer. They are used in several applications, and they provide plenty of benefits.

In this article, you will find out the uses and benefits of industrial strip curtains and also find out some common locations where you can find them. Let’s get right to it.

The Common Uses of PVC Strip Curtains

These remarkable assets have been used for several years now. They are primarily used to divide industrial units and warehouses. What this implies is that they are used to create a division between two areas.

A warehouse with a cold space and a room-temperature space would need a PVC strip curtain. This will help to divide both areas to allow temperature efficiency. This special possession allows you the convenience of having a door without having to shut it.

The curtains are sturdy. They keep cold in cold areas and keep heat in warm regions. They are very well used at loading docks. This is so as they wouldn’t be an escape from the conditioned air. This would, in turn, help manage utility costs. It will also help to prevent the outside debris from occupying the room.

PVC strips are very much used in factories and warehouses to divide working areas. What this does, provides convenience. You do not have to open a garage door to access different areas of the warehouse. Forklifts can access other places without having to pass through doors.

Where to Use PVC Curtains?

There are several locations where you might find a PVC strip curtain. Some of them include:

  • Factories
  • Auto body shops
  • Military installation warehouse
  • Grocery storage spaces
  • Food processing plant
  • Restaurants and bars
  • Pharmaceutical plants
  • Shipping plants
  • Commercial farms

What are the Benefits of Having PVC Strip Curtains Installed in an Industry?

PVC Strip Curtains for Commercial Use

Other than the remarkable convenience these unique blinds offer, they save energy. Do you want to retain cold air? Do you want to keep warmth in warm areas? It doesn’t matter; the industrial blinds will keep air from leaking outside. This will help your business run effectively. This is because it saves you from unnecessary spending.

Also, these curtains are perfect for separating two different areas. When the blinds are installed, they divide a room. So, rooms or workspace that might be hazardous can be separated with this unique curtain.

Let’s take an example. Let’s say you are in an auto body shop, and you know you’ll be exposed to fumes, dust, and noise. With the installation of PVC strip curtains, you can remain in the room without inhaling fumes or dust. This makes it a safe environment for you. The link here https://www.lifestyleblinds.com/blog/office-blind-buyers-guide/ has more on why window blinds could be better for workplace.  

It also makes it a conducive work environment for industrial workers. The workspace becomes clear, less disturbed, and free from waste.

Also, it helps to save time. When industrial forklifts have to pass through doors, it takes up time. With industrial blinds, you do not have to wait for doors to open; you just pass through them.

PVC strip curtains are very durable. Manufacturers keep this in mind when creating them. In a warehouse or factory, there is a large amount of foot traffic. Also, there is continually moving and transporting of equipment and supplies. PVC curtains are formed to withstand stress and wear and tear. This means that before they can break or stretch, they would take a great deal of beating.


PVC strip curtains are very much needed for commercial use. They are durable, they don’t disrupt workflow, and they save money. They are also very convenient and affordable. They can cost you as little as $100, depending on the size. This means that if you require a blind that is 12inch tall, you should expect to pay more. When purchasing your strip curtains, ensure you find the right provider. This is so as you can get quality blinds. A quality blind is much more durable and long-lasting.

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