A big brake kit is large size calliper that is mainly used to store big brake pads. The main purpose of these kits is to increase the surface area for the brake pad hitting the brake rotors for improvement of the braking function.

Most of the people upgrade their brake callipers as they believe big brake callipers and pads give more braking power. This thinking comes as people tend to believe that big brakes use more brake pad material and therefore gives more braking friction and grip. People take notice as many automobiles install them and want to follow it.

Why are Big Brake Kits Needed?

Brake kits spread out the clamping force of the brake calliper to a larger area. It will certainly retain the amount of friction between pad and rotor whether you increase the brake pad area surface or not. It is for the reason that it maintains the coefficient of friction law. Mostly it does not depend on the surface area of the materials involved. It is made with different types of materials. In case of extreme heating of brake pads to the critical point if it is a stock or more than stock pads, the parts involved in the brake pad can actually melt or liquify. This process is called glazing.

Melted brake pads can solidify or crystallize while reforming and it creates glaze on the brake pad and the rotor. The glaze can affect the overall performance of the braking system. It can show symptoms of vibration and braking jitters or cracks and fissure of the braking rotors.

Usefulness of Big Brake Kits

Most people find it difficult to believe that big brakes used in racing vehicles will not increase stopping power of the vehicle. The big brake kit will decrease the operating temperature of all braking related components. It will control heating of the vehicle. As you know heating in the braking system is the worst thing in any automobile. It can make the braking system ineffective after a certain point of time.

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Big Brake kits are used by racing cars to control the temperature of braking calipers. It can manage the fluid flow in braking. A large brake pad allows the braking of the vehicle to absorb more heat as it is made with different material to do so. Brake pads have the ability to take more heat energy. By the use of it the braking system overall improves and it makes the vehicle cooler for long time. A big braking kit will not give advantage for stopping power of the vehicle, it also cannot decrease the stopping distance as it is not allowed by science principles.

By using brake kits you can increase the heating capacity of the brake pads. It can increase the bar for glazing effect that may happen. If you do not want this kind of glaze of brake rotors then you can certainly make an attempt to resurface them with a brake lathe machine. Resurfacing of brake can only happen if there is sufficient brake rotor material available for remove purpose. If you resurface the brakes or make your brake rotors to level where minimum thickness level set by the manufacturer has been compromised then you are certainly making big mistake.

Brake rotors thickness and its measurements are set strictly by the manufacturers. This is because the brake callipers can only apply certain kind of clamping force for different set of distance effectively and without any compromise. These type of brake kits are highly priced but this gives value addition to the automotive as it can improve the performance.

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In Conclusion

A big brake kit gives you the option to increase and update your car’s brake system. A quality big brake has all the components like rotors, calliper, brake pads, brake fluids, sensors, brake lines, fittings. Big brake kits are mainly used to bring high performance for racing. There are many kinds of big brakes like big brakes with callipers and extra pistons, big brakes with cross drilled rotors, big brakes with slotted rotors and stainless steel brake lines. If you want to increase the capacity of your cars braking then install big braking system to get high performance.

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