In 4 places.. A gunman shot dead 6 people in Mississippi

A gunman shot dead 6 people in Mississippi

Witnesses and local media outlets reported a harrowing event that occurred in a small town located in Mississippi. A gunman brutally opened fire, claiming the lives of six innocent people across four locations before he was apprehended.

The tragedy took place in the secluded village of Archapotla, located 60 kilometers south of Memphis, Tennessee in northern Mississippi.

Sheriff Brad Lance of Tate County told WJTV 12 that an unidentified gunman burst into a store, fatally shooting one man before proceeding to another location where he murdered a woman.

After his rampage, the man proceeded to a house he thought was his and savagely shot two people who were within.

The deputy mayor noticed a car that matched the description of the sought-after vehicle, but its driver refused to stop and was chased until they were finally apprehended in a nearby residence.

The station also announced that in addition to the one victim found dead on the road, two more were discovered by police officers – one deceased inside a car and another elsewhere within the house.

Governor Tate Reeves of Mississippi announced on social media that a single individual was apprehended for the case in question and authorities are currently investigating their motivation.

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