Automotive industry

It is common knowledge that the automotive workers should wear safety gloves while performing the tasks. If you’re looking for a work gloves manufacturer, can choose company Everprogloves. No one wants to come away after hard day’s work covered in grease and oil. Well, not only do the gloves help with regard to this, but they do also provide a high level of protection to the automotive workers. Automotive mechanics work with some of most harmful and harsh products which can be found in cars, among that include brake and transmission fluids. Without the proper safety gloves, these fluids can seep through the mechanic’s skin and hence cause nerve destruction as well as weakness in touched areas.

Automotive mechanics get to work with a wide variety of chemical-based fluids, gets to handle sharp as well as dangerous parts as well as tools and they will need to handle all of these things with precision.

Oil and Gas Industry

Hazards in oil and gas industries do include working with the heavy equipment, chains, pipes and tools which are often slippery from oil and hence does increase risk of slips or drops. Hands of its workforces are exposed to puncture, crush, cut as well as chemical irritation. Safety gloves offer maximum protection, comfort, and durability. 

Construction industry

Construction workers are exposed to very many hazards on the job site. Whether it be threats from the chemicals, cuts or even burns, there are safety gloves that can be able to protect your hands while at the same time allowing you to do the job effectively. There is a wide variety of gloves which are suitable for workers in this industry


Gloves help in keeping the hands clean and lessen the chances of getting germs that can be able to make you unwell. Wear the gloves every time you get in contact with blood, bodily tissues, bodily fluids, broken skin, and mucous membranes. It is important to be able to wear gloves for this sort of contact, even if the patient seems healthy and he/she does not have sign of any germs.

Office Building cleaners

As a responsible cleaning business, the safety of the employees and the customers should be at forefront of the daily operations. Concerns over the cold and flu viruses and some other communicable disease are growing. Use of safety gloves in janitorial industry is very common. Most common used disposable gloves are vinyl and latex.

Food Processing

Workers in any food processing environment get to face a number of hazards, that does include sharp-edged tools, surfaces and materials, extreme temperatures, food products themselves, bacteria and harsh chemical used to clean as well as sanitize processing areas. Having the right safety gloves can help protect the workers.


Most of the hand injuries, exposures as well as skin diseases are easily preventable by wearing the protective gloves. The most ideal universal gloves which protect you against chemicals should be nice, flexible and comfortable to wear.

Plane Manufacturing

Most of the gloves used in this industry are reusable. Plane manufacturing involves the handling of materials which are heavy and sharp and they cause harm to the worker if they slide. Safety ensures that the users are safe.


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