Construction technology keeps evolving and we got to see new powerful machines, techniques and materials be released in the last couple of years. However, with new technologies spreading like wildfire, it’s safe to say we can expect to witness even more innovation in the next couple of years. In fact, some new solutions are already out there and are expected to make a lot of noise in the future. With that said, here are five innovations in construction technology to watch in the near future.

Improved communication

There’s no doubt the way people communicate has changed a lot during the last decade. The communication in the construction industry and the ability to have everyone on the site connected has made construction a lot easier. Workers now use wearable devices to provide managers with information they need to keep things going. Moreover, the use of the Cloud allows construction managers to access the important data as soon as it has been uploaded. Due to the fact that better communication leads to faster projects and less traditional paperwork, it’s safe to say every construction company will want to use the newest tech gadgets that can help them enhance connectivity.

The use of drones

The use of drones

It seems like drones are everywhere these days. The implementation of drone technology in the construction industry has already made an impact on project evaluation. Construction companies can use these little things to survey the land and accurately analyze an area. Also, if you’re in this industry, you probably already know how much clients want to see how the project is going. With drone technology, you no longer have to put your operations on pause only to have them looked at later as they can take a look at it through a live stream from a safe distance. As drones continue to improve, keeping an eye on this technology in the future really is a good idea.

New types of concrete

Concrete is one of the most important components of today’s construction but it seems that this traditional composite is changing. More and more companies are using shotcrete concrete, since its application is both economical and flexible. Moreover, this type of concrete is more durable and adds even more strength to new constructions. Due to the new underground roads and tunnels being built, we can safely expect shotcrete concrete to gain even more popularity in the next couple of years. Another important reason why we’ll see it be used even more is its application in water retaining structures such as swimming pools, canal linings, and reservoirs.

Virtual reality

Virtual reality (VR)

You’ve probably already heard a lot about VR and its use across multiple industries. Even though the entertainment and automotive industries have utilized it the most, the construction industry isn’t far behind. One of the best things about this technology is that it makes much easier for construction companies to work with their clients. Just imagine explaining to a client how a building will look versus giving them a virtual tour even before the project has started. A VR set can bring every 3D model to life, which means that it can even be used for home and office remodeling projects. With VR having bags of potential and a large number of experts working on improving it even more, there’s no doubt it’ll gain even more use in the industry. you can find lots of information on construction camera on the web.

More timber towers

Construction waste is expected to double by 2025 and it’s extremely important to do something about it. Green building is becoming a thing and construction companies keep looking for new ways to make their operations more eco-friendly. When sustainably sourced, timber is one of the most eco-friendly materials available at the moment. The good news is, new tech allows even more sustainable timber harvesting. Wood skeletons used for building towers are known to char instead of burning and provide better insulation. Therefore, we can anticipate more timber towers to be built in the future. Just recently, Mjøstårnet in Norway became the world’s largest timber tower.

The technology has already had a huge impact on the construction industry and with the way it’s advancing, don’t be surprised to start seeing even more innovations emerging. Keep a close eye on the ones covered in this post and you’ll be in for a real treat.


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