Having the best lawn in the neighbourhood is a point of pride for many homeowners around the globe. It’s also pretty important for commercial buildings that want to stand out from the competition. Clean, cut grass and a few flowers is a good start, but it’s going to take some serious innovative landscaping design if you really want to have the best. Here are some innovative landscape design trends that have become very popular this year.

An experienced landscaper with an eye for detail and a deep love of plants, trees, flowers etc. will be able to transform your yard into something beautiful.

Bringing The Modern Life Outdoors

In the past, the world was divided into two groups of people. There was the group that took their mobile phone with them camping and the group that left the phone in the car. The world doesn’t have to be so black and white anymore. As a matter of fact, homeowners are beginning to realise that they can bring some of their modern amenities outdoors with them and it looks great.

This year alone, there have been many more homeowners adjusting to this trend. The result is a sleek and modern style that stretches from the back patio, across the lawn, and sometimes to the edge of the fence. There are now kitchenettes, bars, sculptures, and modern fireplaces found outside.

This isn’t to say you should move your entire bedroom into the backyard or hook the television up next to the swimming pool. Rather, you trust a landscape architect to help you update your lawn with a slightly modern touch where it counts most.

21st Century Irrigation

It’s time to ditch the aqueducts of ancient Rome and step into the 21st century with your irrigation system. There’s no reason you should have an advanced smart home with an irrigation system designed in 1978. Yet, it’s something that many homeowners overlook at first because it doesn’t seem too “sexy”. But today’s innovative landscaping design trends are focusing on new and more advanced methods of keeping the lawn hydrated.

Investing in a high-tech sprinkler system could be one of the smartest landscaping choices you make this year. These new smart systems are incredibly sophisticated and make gardening a more efficient process. They also result in less wasted water and thus less wasted money.

Strange Shapes Everywhere

You may have noticed some houses in your neighbourhood are making more use of patterns that would typically be seen indoors. The same goes for some building materials that you normally wouldn’t see outside. By bringing them outdoors, homeowners can create an innovative décor scheme that doesn’t stop when you open the door.

One of the more unique examples of this is the inclusion of porcelain tiles in walkways. These sensitive tiles have traditionally been reserved for kitchens and bathrooms. They are now appearing on patios and walkways outside for the world to see. The best news is that it looks really good.

Stay Ahead Of The Curve

Keeping up with the neighbours is no easy task in this day and age. Working with a local and experienced landscaping service is the only way to do it. Whether you want to take your lawn into the modern era or you want to embrace the beauty of minimalist garden; there are a lot of innovative landscaping trends that you can use.


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