Do you feel like something is missing in your living room? Your decoration is on point, you got all the right colors and items, but something is just not right. No, you do not have to repaint your walls for the hundredth time. Nor to add another plant or a painting. The solution might be something you have not considered so far. Your lighting. Have you noticed how your interior changes its character as the natural lighting changes throughout the day? Exactly. But your artificial lighting can do so much more besides providing light. It can become a stylish accessory and completely change the vibe of your living room. So let’s take a look at some of the trendy designs when it comes to lighting.

Statement Chandelier

To be honest, every chandelier is a statement piece, and it will probably steal the spotlight, and that is ok. Pay attention to the size of your living room. Do not pick a too big chandelier if your living room is not large, and your ceiling is not high enough. The higher the ceiling, the bigger and longer your chandelier can be. The next step is to install the chandelier. If it’s just an easy chandelier installation, you can follow step-by-step guides online. The safest and best way for installing chandeliers is to have an expert do it for you. You might need to deal with electrical wires and setting them up so it will be best to let the professionals handle it.   Please let me know, thanks. Also, nowadays, chandeliers do not come only in those classical, a bit kitschy style. There are so many modern and even minimalistic chandelier designs, so you will surely find something for your style.

Modern Floor Lamps

Floor lamps had a huge comeback, and they are still trending. If you have a corner with a rocking chair, plant, or a sofa, feel free to add one of those loop floor lamps that are leaning over. They are a bit retro, so if that fits your interior design, go for it. Also, many floor lamps look like decorative wrought iron metal sculptures, so they are both decorative and useful.

Recessed Lights

Although some may think these are not enough to lighten up space, they are. Recessed lights are always more discreet and not so flashy. Plus, you can arrange them in a way to add accent to particular items in your home, for example, paintings, sculptures, fireplace, etc. Additionally, you can use separate switches and dimmers to customize the lighting even more. It will give your space a different character and accent what matters the most.

Pendant Lamps

Pendant Lamps

Pendant lamps are classics. Due to their central position, they provide enough lighting, so you do not need to use any other sources of light. You probably have it in your home, but take a look at it. Does it not look a bit dull or outdated? Pendant lamps are so much more than just that. You can find them in any shape, size, design, or color, so there has to be one that will complement your living room beautifully.

Edison Bulbs

Edison bulbs seem to be the favorite among millennials and hipsters, but they are not reserved for bars and hip cafes. If you want to add some warmth and coziness to your living room, hanging multiple Edison bulbs in different shapes and sizes will definitely boost your living room and make it look more contemporary and edgy at the same time. This is one trend in lighting that everyone should try out because we are sure you are going to love it.

Table Lamps

Table Lamps

Table lamps are usually found in the bedroom, on our nightstands, but there are so many chic ones that it is a shame not to show them off in front of your guests. You can even place them on the floor, or arrange a few table lamps in different sizes on a small table. It will create a certain mood during the evening hours, and they also look like a nice decoration during the day.

Small Sconces

If your living room does not have a high ceiling, perhaps it is better to avoid hanging light fixtures. Someone will probably always hit their head, or it will look too weird due to smaller space. In situations like these, you can rely on sconces to light up your space and look good. When arranging several of them into one room, you can play a bit with their schedule, and they do not have to be in line or symmetrical.

How to Pick the Best Lighting for Your Living Room?

Today, when you are shopping for lighting, you get mesmerized by the number of shiny chandeliers, light fixtures, and other lamps that it all can be a bit overwhelming. And when there are hundreds of lamps sorted one next to another, it is hard to imagine how one of them can look like in your home. So prepare some guidelines. Take a look at your space and take notes, such as what the dominant color is, how high your ceiling is, if you need one or more lamps, how can you describe the style of your space, etc. It will help you get a clearer picture and narrow down your options.


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