Instagram Automation Tool the 5 Best to Use

Instagram Automation Tool

Instagram is a social network of the moment. At a time when the image seems to take precedence over all other content, it is not surprising that Instagram stands out. But it is not easy for a company to stand out while remaining in line with its brand image and its values. Running out of ideas for Instagram posts is frustrating! But it happens to everyone.

Do you have an Instagram account, and would you like to improve the quality and visibility of your posts, getting more Instagram followers? With this article, you will be able to discover the best Instagram Automation Tools like Social Studio, their specific characteristics, and peculiarities. We will also explain why not all automation tools for Instagram are the same, which one must avoid in order not to run into unpleasant shadow bans and that the choice always depends on your goals. Visibility is obtained through hard work, but, due to the use of this tool, everything becomes simpler and more fun.

What Does Instagram Automation Tool Mean?

The tools are software, applications, plugins that are used to add functionality to existing programs often, improving their performance. Without going into boring technicalities, you need to know that there are two main categories i.e., tools and web tools. The first represents the tools that can be downloaded to PC while the second category concerns those that do not require installation because they can be used via the web.

Talking about Instagram Automation Tool highlights the main need, that of automating actions and processes, managing to manage content and profiles positively and promptly, correctly, and above all, effectively.

Instagram contests are very popular that allows brands to achieve various objectives i.e., increase the number of Instagram followers, increase awareness, create engagement, create a community, promote a product, etc. Many methods are available such as like or comment, photo contests, selfie contests, etc.

Urban Decay offers a very original contest that allows you to win 100 lipsticks with the physical involvement of the participants. This type of activity can only be carried out with an already very committed community. Note the proper use of the description to detail the contest as well as the link to the rules in the bio.

If you use Instagram, you know that it is based on the interaction and sharing of content (images, videos, stories), and this entails continuous work to engage and be appreciated on the web and beyond. We all know it, especially if we manage more than one Instagram profile; it is not easy to compete on the web managing to be effective, consistent, and fast in communication. Little time available and too much competition, sometimes not quite honest put a strain on our work, even for the most expert.

 There are special automation tools to help us, indicated to simplify or facilitate some processes.

Before going further, however, by listing the best automation tools for Instagram, we still ask you a little patience because it is important to understand the difference between the different tools available to you, which ones to avoid, and how they appear to Instagram. 

How to use Instagram Automation Tools?

As we mentioned at the beginning, it all depends on the objectives you want to achieve and, if they do not conflict with the nature and guidelines of Instagram, then we would say that you are in the right direction! It is therefore important to know these guidelines not to make the wrong choice and not to risk a shadowban:

• Avoid automatic comments. Why? First of all, they would be too many in a short time, and you would be immediately labeled as SPAM (i.e., repetitive and unwanted messages). Not only that, if a bot makes no sense to comment on any posts, it could positively evaluate an unpleasant event. It’s not exactly good, is it?

• Avoid doing multiple actions simultaneously. If you can comment, follow and create at the same time you are more than a magician, you are a robot!

• Always connect your Instagram account to Facebook. It’s extra security for you and makes you real in the eyes of the social media algorithms.

• Avoid using multiple bots and tools simultaneously. Instagram immediately notices the exaggeration and obscures the profile.


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