One of the pieces of the massive puzzle that is starting your own business is to procure the necessary insurance policies.  Insurance will give you the peace of mind needed to focus on the more important operational aspects of running your business.

If you’re not exactly sure where to begin when it comes to the various types of business insurance, you’ve stumbled upon a very helpful collection of information.  Read through this brief summary, featuring some of the most important insurance policies for protecting your business.

Premises Liability Insurance

Premises Liability is a useful insurance policy to keep when you run a brick and mortar establishment.  Should someone injure themselves on your property, you will be liable for the cost of their medical bills and any follow-up therapy they may require.  

Protect your investments against careless employees or maintenance crews, and always keep your premises liability insurance policy current.  

Auto Insurance

Automobile insurance isn’t necessary for every business, but some operations should never go without a solid commercial auto insurance policy.  

If some of your employees have a job description involving the action of driving a company vehicle, then you have to have commercial auto insurance.  You aren’t running a legal operation without this coverage.  

Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Workers’ compensation insurance is legally required in nearly every state of the nation.  Even if it isn’t legally required, a good business owner cares about their employee’s future.  

If one of your employees is injured on the job, it’s your responsibility to make sure they get the best care and reparations possible for the damage done.  Some workplace injuries can dramatically change the course of a person’s life.

Product Liability Insurance

Product liability insurance protects against a faulty product.  If your business makes and disperses a particular product to the general public, you need assurance that there will be no negative backlash in the event of a malfunction.  

Even if your production crew does everything right, there’s always a chance of something going wrong with a product that is mass produced.  Your product liability insurance policy will help protect the business from ruin if something you make ends up hurting someone.  

Professional Liability Insurance

Keep your professional liability insurance coverage up to date to protect against a rogue employee.  You can’t always know that your professionals are properly representing the product they’re selling, and this insurance will help ward off any legal penalties that may occur along the way.  

If one of your professionals fails to tell a consumer the full story regarding your product or fails to conduct themselves in a professional manner, your business could be placed under a microscope with a very critical filter.  


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