In times of rapid development of technology, sharing information has become very convenient and fast. Wi-Fi, cellular data, Bluetooth, and NFS – all these technologies have made people’s lives easier, and many services have become available simply by having a phone. But there are two sides to this coin because hackers were given many opportunities to steal your valuable information. No worries, thanks to the same technologies, we can protect our data. Our article will tell you everything about what is upselling phone jammers. Check for more info.  

Defining a Network Jammer 

A mobile jammer is a device designed to jam signals and pulses. In fact, it prevents the use of GSM and GPS devices in range.  That is why it is sometimes also called a GPS jammer. It is worth noting that the cellular signal jammers work not only with cellular phones but also with various devices (including spy gadgets) using the same range or network.

Principle of Operation 

The principle of operation of GPS blockers is quite simple. The device produces a pulse (within certain frequency limits), which suppresses other pulses of the same frequency. A special field is formed around the blocker, the pulses produced by other devices are lost in it. The same work principle applies to a WiFi jammer.

Cellular and WiFi Blockers: Who May Need Them?

Nowadays, mobile signal jammers are most often used to protect important information and data. They are put in corporate offices, in government buildings, in strategic military facilities. Private businessmen use cellphone jammer to secure information from being stolen.

Where Else to Use Them?

To eliminate interference to overly sensitive electronics, such devices are used in:

  • universities and schools;
  • hospitals and clinics;
  • service centers.

In general, there are many options for using these devices. Since the device itself is not very complicated, you can find instructions on the Internet on how to make them. 

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