Flowers are without a doubt one of the best gifts to give that is sure to put a smile on the face of the recipient. Whether you get some flowers for Valentine’s Day, or give your mom a colorful bouquet for Mother’s Day, flowers make amazing gifts. They come in many shapes and sizes too, so you can always find something your friend or family member will love to receive.

In addition to gifts, flowers are an absolute staple in weddings across the world. They can add some color, beauty, and a natural element to your big day. They can serve as centerpieces on guest tables, decorate the space, or even elevate the outfit of the groom. Whether you go with fresh flowers or some long-lasting dried flowers, they can take any wedding to the next level.

They also improve the look and scent of any home, and help a space look more natural and lively. But did you know that each flower and variety have their own meanings? Two flowers that you may have thought looked the same, could have totally different meanings. This article is going to take a closer look at a few of the most popular flowers out there, and help you learn the hidden meaning or symbolism behind them.


Roses are among the most popular and beautiful flowers on the planet. They are given for all kinds of occasions and their unique shape and wonderful scent fit in with any decor in and around a home. As far as what roses mean, there are many rose color meanings.

For example, red roses signify love, romance, and passion, whire roses signify spirituality and pink roses signify grace and elegance. There are many different colors, and each has their own unique meaning. So if you are going to give the gift of roses, be sure to think about the meaning behind a particular color before sending or giving them.

As you could imagine, roses are also staples at weddings and are among the most classic flowers when it comes to showing love to one another.


Violets are known by their delicate and beautiful shape, and their small size and relatively thin stem. They are commonly given as bunches, and can look great as an accent piece in a bouquet with other flowers. Violets often symbolize things with faithfulness and modesty. However, their delicate design can also symbolize delicate or fragile love, too.

Violets are also commonly chosen as a wedding flower amongst those who love their color and versatility. They can add some beautiful purple shades to everything from bouquets to centerpieces that are in need of some more color.



Whether it is seen in a garden, or in a wedding bouquet, sunflowers are a sight to be seen. They are an incredibly large flower, and can catch the eye of anyone who sees them. They are also a great way to incorporate fall colors into your wedding or around your home. With how bright and cheerful this flower is, it is no surprise that it can bring warmth into a person’s life and will symbolize things like good luck, ambition, and happiness.


Marigolds feature not only bold and beautiful colors, but also a shape that almost looks too good to be true. They are a very full and attractive bloom that can be used in a variety of situations and scenarios. Marigolds are also very easy to care for, which contributes to how popular they are at home or during events.

Marigolds symbolize things like passion and creativity, and are great to give to your friend who is chasing their dreams in one way or another. In addition to simply being displayed for their beauty, these flowers can also have anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal properties.


Due to their affordability and availability, carnations are incredibly popular for wedding flowers for those on a budget. But despite being budget-friendly, these flowers look incredible and come in many colors to fit the decor of any location or event. As for what they mean, there are various different meanings.

Carnations in general often represent things like fascination, love and distinction. In particular, colors like a red carnation symbolize “I love you”, and ones that are pink in nature symbolize affection. In addition to being used in bouquets or arrangements, carnations are also perfect for buttonholes at a wedding as they not only look great, but will hold up well over time.


Blooming each and every spring, daffodils are a beautiful flower with delicate petals and a large, prominent and protruding corona. They come in colors that are more subtle than other flowers, but still look incredible. These flowers symbolize things like honesty and truth.

They can also be given to show you have forgiven someone, or appreciate all that they do for you. While normally not seen until spring, these are often known as the flower of December.


Among the most versatile flowers are daisies, as they grow in many continents and countries all over the world.. They come not only in different colors, but also different sizes. They are a very fun bloom, and one that is sure to put a smile on someone’s face. It is a very cheerful flower, and almost looks like a smaller version of the sunflower.

Because of how frequently they grow, they are generally easy to find, too. With many different colors and varieties, there are countless meanings for different daisies. They can mean everything from loyalty, to innocence, to love, to purity.


Dahlias are among the most striking flowers on the planet. Their petals look sharp and wavy, and the colors featured on these flowers are bold. They make a perfect addition to any vibrant bouquet or arrangement. They can have a variety of different meanings, but are best known for symbolizing a warning and/or change. While too intense a flower for some, it can look incredible and will surely be appreciated by many.


Irises are among the most detailed and delicate flowers out there. To truly appreciate them, you need to look closely and admire the detail in everything from the petals to the pistil. These irises can come in different hues, which each means something different. The traditional purple iris often represents wisdom, while the blue iris is associated with meanings like faith and hope. White irises represent purity, and if you want to signify passion with your gift of an iris, the yellow iris is for you.

In conclusion, we hope this blog post has been able to help you learn more about the meanings behind your favorite flowers. Of course, while meanings are good to think about, don’t let the meaning of a particular bloom hold you back from giving it to someone who likes that particular color or flower.

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