You invest in ID cards because you want a more secure working environment. You want to safeguard your staff and protect your visitors. You need to ensure your data and systems are private and only accessed by authorised personnel. These are all vital reasons to spend money on ID cards.

But not all ID cards are created equal. Certain features for ID cards make some more secure than others. Here, the experts from look at how to ramp up security for your cards, so you have the most robust protection for your business or organisation. Want to know more? Here are the features to search for in an ID card system.

1. Photo

This is probably the first security feature you will put on an ID card. A card without a photo is very hard to check for validity and legitimacy. It is a simple way to secure a card and it should be on your list of features when you want safer business premises.

2. Watermarking

This simple and relatively common technique for enhancing security involves adding a watermark to the design of the card, rather like a watermark is added to banknotes. This prevents anyone from easily making a copy of your ID. It is a useful security feature when you don’t want cards to be copied. It also works on tickets for events. 

3. Holograms

A step up from watermarks, and preferable for many companies, the hologram works in a similar way. It shows that the card is genuine and it is not easily copied. It is also a discreet mark that won’t compromise the design of the card. It is easy to check for a hologram to provide instant assurance that that card is legitimate.

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4. QR Codes

QR codes are also hard to replicate. You can also use a barcode on your ID cards so it is clear the card matches the owner. This is also essential for ticketed entry to events. QR codes are simple to insert into a card.

5. Logo

Put your business logo on your card and it not only improves the security of the card but advertises your company too. Your card will stand out and you can tie in the design with your colours and fonts. Adding your logo is the smart way to separate your card from the rest.

Other Ways to Enhance ID Card Security

Think about the other ways you can keep your cards, and your buildings and people, safer. For instance, if you print your own cards you need to make sure the printer has restricted access just for authorised operators. This is crucial, otherwise, you could end up with a disgruntled employee that prints cards to hand out to unauthorised people. It is also a good idea to keep accurate records of how many cards are printed, by whom, and when they are issued. Think about how you can change the design or security features of your cards if there is a security issue or breach. 

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