Owning a dirt bike requires some level of extra responsibility than with any machine you may own. It is a fun sport, but to enjoy it to the fullest, you may have to pay more attention to how you maintain the bike. The high maintenance levels help the bike operate optimally and serve you long.

Routine maintenance is critical if you want the bike to work well every time you ride on it. Some of the crucial maintenance tips to stick by include the following.

1)  Chain Tension Checkup

The movement of your Tokyomods dirt bike depends on its chain, and that is why it is crucial to inspect the chain tension. A too-tight chain stresses the bike components, causing the engine to overwork, sprockets to wear faster, and the chain itself breaking when you are riding, which can be fatal. Therefore, it is essential to adjust the bike’s tension so that it is neither too tight nor too loose.

2)  Washing After Use

When riding your bike, you will be going through roads full of mud and dust, which leaves the bike dirty. After you are done with your ride, ensure you give your bike a thorough wash to remove all the debris it collected along the way. After washing, it is essential to dry your bike to ensure no water is left in the electrical parts.

As essential as cleaning is, it can strip off your bike’s pivots and bearing points lubrication; that is why re-greasing is vital after a cleanup. Always oil the chain after cleaning because a dried one can lead to serious injuries.

3)  Save The Engine

The best way to maintain your dirt bike’s engine is by giving an oil change regularly, probably after some hours in operation or after several rides. However, the most important thing is to ensure you follow the manufacturer’s directions on how often to change the oil. An oil change is critical in keeping the engine running for long.

Oil helps in cooling and lubricating the bike’s internal components. Before embarking on a ride, ensure you check the oil level and have it at least at halfway level.

4)  Maintain The Air Filter

A well-kept engine not only lasts long but also gives your bike life. Maintaining the air filter is another way of ensuring the longevity of your machine. You have to clean and maintain the air filter with a cleaner to prevent all that dirt from getting to the engine.

After cleaning the dirt bike, it is essential to dry it thoroughly and soak the air filter with oils specially made for it.

5)  Ensure There Are No Oil Leaks

Any leakage from your bike is an indication that some parts are not working well and need immediate attention.

Leaks and spills can occur due to wearing out the oil filters or a drain plug with misaligned or worn threads. To check for any leaks, ensure you have cleaned and dried the bike, then observe if there are any oil drips underneath it or on the ground. You can also find out leakage by observing any smell of burning oil coming from the tailpipe smoke.