Broken trust is incredibly hard to get over, which is why many couples break up once one of the partners has cheated. While it is difficult to discover that the one you love is unfaithful to you, it is important that you know the truth about the person you are with. Being in the dark is all the more painful because you do not have the choice to decide what you want. So, if you suspect that your partner is cheating on you, here are the sings that could mean you are right:

He’s suddenly swamped with work

If your partner has recently been promoted, it is more than reasonable that he has more responsibilities than in the past, so he will have to spend more time at work. However, if nothing has changed at work but your partner is suddenly very busy, it could be a cause for concern. So, if you think your partner might be cheating, notice his work habits: does he suddenly have to work late? Is he going out of town more often for work? If so, it could be because he needs free time to be with the person that he is having an affair with.

He becomes secretive with his phone

In this day and age, the phone allows people to cheat more easily than ever. There are cheating apps, secret chats, and other means that people use to get away with cheating. That is why people who cheat become very careful with their phones; they take it with them to the bathroom, change their lock password, and make the effort not to leave it alone with their partner. If you notice that your partner is suddenly very attached to his phone, it could be because there are some things on his phone that he does not want you to see. If you are able to get your hands on the phone, you should take out phone numbers that he often calls and use a reverse phone engine, like GoLookUp, and check out who is behind the phone numbers. Sometimes cheaters use codes to hide phone numbers, like ‘Pizza Hut’, so check these types of numbers as well to find out who your partner is calling.

The level of intimacy between you has changed

When couples are together for a while, they establish a sexual pattern that suits them both, for the most part. When patterns break on one side, it could be that one of the partners is engaging in extra-curricular activities. If your partner suddenly craves more sex or avoids sex altogether, it could be a sign of cheating. If nothing else has changed, you have to think about outer triggers that could be influencing your partner’s sexual appetite.

He needs more privacy

We all need privacy and time for ourselves, but a sudden need for more privacy could mean trouble. Like with other behavior patterns, when there is no apparent reason for needing more privacy, it could mean that something is going on. Relationships are about sharing and communicating, so if your partner becomes more private, it could mean cheating. It could also mean that something else is going on, and either way, you should talk about whatever is going on and get to the bottom of the truth.

He picks fights for no reason

One of the most obvious signs of cheating is picking fights for no reason whatsoever; this is a defense mechanism of cheaters who try to deflect the guilt they feel by blowing small things their partner does out of proportion. If you notice that your partner is behaving this way, it could be because he is feeling guilty about something and is trying to villainize you so he would feel less guilty. Discovering that the person you live is unfaithful to you is heartbreaking, and while some couples get over cheating, others call it quits when one person is cheating. To give yourself the choice on how to move forward, you need to find out if your suspicions of infidelity are true. Notice the signs of cheating and play the spy to discover what lies behind your partner’s behavior. If necessary, confront him and ask to know the truth. You deserve the power to decide what to do.

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