Hookah smoking seems harmless compared to cigarette smoking, mostly if it’s done at occasional social gatherings. But is it really safe compared to cigarette smoking? What should you expect with shisha? 

What’s A Hookah?

Hookahs, also known as goza, shisha, argileh, bute, hubble-bubble, or narghile is a water pipe that comes with a chamber for smoke, hose, tube, and a bowl, with specially-manufactured tobacco that is heated with charcoal. The smoke then passes through the water and is drawn via a rubber hose into its mouthpiece.

The tobacco used with shishas comes in a variety of flavours including cola, coffee, mint, chocolate, lemon-lime, liquorice, apple, fruity blends, and coconut. These smoking devices come in various styles, shapes, and sizes. While there are plenty of hookahs available in the market, you can read this complete guide: Top 5 Best Hookahs [Review] – Smokeprofy to find the perfect hookah based on your preference, style, budget, and needs. They provide the best product reviews and recommendations to ensure you purchase the right hookah for you.

Hookahs are manufactured with:

  • Water pipe
  • Bowl for tobacco and charcoal
  • Ashtray to gather the ashes
  • Hose with mouthpiece
  • Water bowl for cooling and humidifying the smoke

Smoking with hookahs is associated with social activities on specific hookah bars with young generations of smokers sharing one mouthpiece with the group.

Many believe that smoking with hookahs is safer compared to smoking with a cigarette or a vape. Studies show that it’s hazardous for your health when you smoke with cigarettes.

Is Smoking With Hookah Safer Compared To Cigarette Smoking

The tobacco that you consume on a hookah pipe is not toxic-free as when you smoke a stick of cigarette. The water bowl doesn’t have any filter to ensure tobacco toxic won’t reach your lungs or your body. Hookah smokers inhale more tobacco smoke compared to cigarette smoking as they usually inhale more considerable amounts of tobacco in a single session. Most hookah sessions last between 30 to 60 minutes.

There are several studies and analysis on how dangerous hookah smoking can be to your health. However, evidence needs to have substantial proof of its potential health hazards and setbacks.

  • The hookah smoke may contain higher toxicity compounds like heavy metals, carbon monoxide, tar, or carcinogens. These are cancer-causing compounds harmful to your body.
  • Smoking with hookahs exposes you to a higher level of carbon monoxide than when you smoke cigarettes.
  • Smoking hookahs is typically associated with heart disease, several serious illnesses, oral cancer, and lung cancer.
  • Smoke coming from hookahs can be dangerous and generally associated with the known secondhand smoking.
  • Hookah smoke delivers a similar amount of nicotine like that of smoking cigarettes.
  • It can lead smokers to tobacco dependence.
  • Pregnant women smoking with hookahs can cause low-birth weight for babies.
  • Hookah pipes used on bars may have hygiene issues which can spread infectious illnesses.

Several people believe that hookahs are safe to use compared to various health risks you’ll get with cigarettes. However, both cigarettes and hookahs contain tobacco that produces nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive compound which means inhaling the smoke coming from hookah provides similar addictive compounds like when you smoke cigars. However, hookahs are not used in general to feel or get high.

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Is Smoking Hookah Addictive?

Tobacco used on hookahs is the same content used on cigars which means you’re taking in nicotine, heavy metals like arsenic and lead, and tar. One hookah session is equivalent to 30 to 60 minutes which is like smoking one pack of cigars. Nicotine causes addiction, and being exposed to this compound makes you feel relaxed for a while.

The adrenaline rush increases blood pressure, breathing rate, and heart rate. This makes you feel less hungry and awake. Furthermore, exposure to nicotine can confuse your brain, which causes you to feel anxious or sick if you don’t take in the compound.

Nicotine addiction is often experienced by people who smoke tobacco products and cigars. While smoking with hookah is frequently done at social gatherings, most people who are hookah smokers think that they have social addiction and not hookah smoke addiction or nicotine addiction.

  • Hookah is not designed for other drug types or cannabis. However, it won’t make you feel high but can offer a buzz. Most people smoking hookah feel dizzy, relaxed, lightheaded, or shaky.

Hookah smokers may feel especially in your stomach, especially if you smoke more than average or without taking any food. Some people feel nauseous with the smell of the coal that is used to operate the hookah. The fumes on these coals give a headache to several people who get exposed to the process.


There are always health risks involved when it comes to smoking, whether cigars or hookahs, since you’ll be exposed to addictive compounds like nicotine and other elements. While there are tobacco-free hookahs available, it’s best to be extra cautious with your actions to ensure better health.

Hookah smoking has the same setbacks as cigarettes smoking. It’s not as safe as the latter, but with precautions and awareness, you can control your addictions and use a separate mouthpiece or don’t share your pipe with everyone. It will prevent the spreading of infections.

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