SMH. To answer this all-important question –– yes, you can certainly get a new roof during the winter but, to be honest, it is not quite the ideal time to do so and for good reason.

We mean, think about it for a second. It is super cold, there is a ton of snow and ice (depending on where you live) which means that it will not only be dangerous with the increased likelihood of slips and falls, especially off of a house, but it will also be a miserable time having to work for long hours outside in freezing temperatures.

We are pretty sure that many of you would not find this to be at all pleasant –– so imagine how those roof contractors and workers must feel.

So, yes it can be done but it will likely take longer and not produce the desired results that you, as the consumer, would expect. Here, let us break it down for you.

Why You Shouldn’t…

The winter season, as a whole, is a cold, gloomy mess –– despite some fun-filled activities that can certainly be enjoyed during this time. With the freezing temperatures, snow, and ice, it is bound to create an environment that is less than desirable for new roof installation.

For one, roofing companies are likely to refrain from taking on very many winter roofing jobs because of the risk of injury to their workers. Think about it. With all that ice and snow, those roofs are going to be extra slippery which increases the likelihood of falls. If you are going to do a winter Indianapolis new roof installation, it is best to look for a local company who has experience working during the cold months and checking with your insurance to see what they cover.

Second, winter projects are going to take longer –– because of the cold. Roofing workers are humans too and can only withstand freezing temperatures and harsh winds for so long. This means less hours working each day which extends the lifetime of the roofing project than if you had done the new roof installation during the warmer months. No need to explain further here.

Lastly, shingles will take longer to set and are more prone to cracking and damage during installation in the winter months. Shingles perform best when they are installed in temperatures above 40°F. Any lower and they will not set properly and the freezing temperatures will cause them to break easier.

So, to put it simply, a lot of reasons of why you shouldn’t.

When It’s Ok…

Well, we can’t bash this subject entirely. As we explained in the beginning, there are certain times when it is acceptable to have a new roof installed during the winter. For example, the type of roofing material you choose is a big factor on whether you are going to have a tough time or easy time installing your new Indianapolis roof. If you use asphalt shingles, you might have a harder time since the adhesives don’t work well in cold temperatures. But, if you choose metal roofing, this will not only result in easier installation but snow and rain will run off and not cause any damage.

Conclusion –– Maybe Get A New Indianapolis Roof In The Fall

Among many roofing companies, the general consensus is that new roof installations should be left to the warmer months for the reasons described above –– faster project completions, less safety issues, and better overall roof installations. However, this isn’t to say that it can’t be done. If you must have a new roof during the winter, just do your research of local roofing contractors in Indianapolis and find ones that are not only willing to do winter projects but have the proof to back it up that they can perform excellent work despite the setbacks.

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