Is it okay for spouses to track each other over the phone?

Is it okay for spouses to track each other over the phone

With the advancement of technology used in cell phones and communication networks, tracking spouses to each other has become easy through various applications.

Husbands and partners say that they often do this to know the whereabouts of their partners for the sake of “safety”, while some indicate that it is easier to track their partner’s movements to prepare for his reception at home, according to a report published in the Wall Street Journal .

Some couples believe that the use of tracking applications is considered “crazy” and may pose a threat to public “safety”, and marriage counselors believe that relying on these applications may be “unhealthy”.

According to the report, there are several different trends associated with spouses following each other:

“You have nothing to hide.”

Some couples prefer using apps to locate their partners, especially if they are not responsive to calls or messages. They believe it’s acceptable to use such apps if they have nothing to hide or be concerned about.

“Healthy relationship or not?”

Partners may develop tracking of each other, even children so that small tracking devices are attached to their bags or vehicles to track them and know how fast they are driving, but this comes at the expense of privacy.

Some argue that not much good can come from tracking partners, as “a healthy relationship needs some kind of healthy differentiation.”


Some husbands believe that tracking applications may create a misunderstanding, as one of them may want to go buy a gift for his wife without her knowing, and at this time he will have to stop all his devices until the “surprise” he wants to achieve succeeds.

Some of these applications may also show an error in locating the phone, which may cause embarrassment to both parties.

On one occasion, one of the husbands realized that while he was searching for his wife at a sporting event, it appeared to him that she was completely behind him, only to realize later that her phone was in his back pocket.

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