Is Low Carb Diet Worth it?


For decades, the low carb diet has been a controversial issue. Some people have the opinion that these diets are filled with heart diseases due to higher fat levels. Some believe these diets increase the cholesterol level. Despite the sudden hype in the popularity and propaganda, low carb diets have always been around. And in most recent scientific researches, it has proved the myths wrong and has proven its worth as a healthy diet. 

Low carb diets limit carbohydrates and give emphasis to food high in fats and proteins. It has been used to gain many health advantages including weight loss, diabetes, and metabolic syndrome. Many types of low cab diets are available. Amongst these, the ketogenic diet is the best low carb diet to lose weight. 

What Is It?

The ketogenic diet or keto diet is a fat enrich, a low carbohydrate diet plan that has been used by people as a cure for several medical conditions for decades. It is a scientifically proven remedy for weight loss. Besides this, a ketogenic diet is commonly used to control diabetes and treatment for epilepsy in children. It has also been tested and closely observed for cancer, polycystic ovary syndrome, and Alzheimer’s disorder.

Will keto help you lose weight?

Research has shown that the keto diet accelerates the weight loss process. It reduces carbohydrate consumption and uses fat instead. A ketogenic diet puts the body in a state called ketosis. 

Because of the lack of carbohydrates, ketogenic diets are enriched with fats and proteins. This diet mainly includes eggs, meats, sausages, nuts, fish, cheese, butter, seeds, oil, and fibrous vegetables. Initially, you may feel a little tired, but the long-run benefits of this diet are amazing.

Keto diet reduces the appetite 

Keto diet lowers the risk of certain diseases and also assists you in your weight loss journey. People who look for ways to shed some ponds are often suggested to adopt low carb diets. And in low carb diets, the keto diet is a superior approach towards weight loss. 

Unlike other diet plans, keto reduces hunger. Once you have taken your daily amount of calories, you will feel satisfied and full. Contrasting to other available diet plans that make you feel hungry all the time, keto reduces hunger. That is the reason people migrate to keto from other diet plans. Keto significantly increases protein intake which is beneficial for weight reduction and metabolism’s health.

Keto leads to major weight loss

Reducing the number of carbs is the simplest and most effective way to shed dome ponds. Researches have clarified that people with low carb and keto diets lose more weight fastly as compared to people using other diet plans. The reason behind this is simple. Keto diets try to rid access water from your body which lowers the insulin level and leads to a rapid loss in body weight. You can see a major change in the first two weeks.

Fast loss from Abdominal Cavity

Where the fat stores in the body determine how it is going to affect you. In most men, the reason for overweight is visceral fat which mounts up the abdominal cavity. This fat also tends to load around your organs. It also leads to metabolic dysfunction. 

Keto diet effectively reduces this harmful fat around the abdominal cavity. In a long run, it also prevents the risk of heart disease and type two diabetes. 

Quick Keto facts

  • Keto diet takes the body in a state called ketosis.
  • In the ketosis state, the stored fat is broken to obtain energy.
  • This diet was initially discovered in 1920 to cure epilepsy in children but is serving the world in many ways.
  • Keto diet has multiple variations.


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