Is Your Girlfriend Cheating on You? Here’s How to Find Out

We don’t want to think about it, but many girlfriends cheat. Occasional jealousness is completely normal, but if your intuition tells you that your girlfriend might be unfaithful, juxtaposing some signs will help you clear the air. See more helpful info at Cheating Buster, a website that specializes in relationship infidelity problems.

The Top Warning Signs Your Girlfriend Is Cheating

Here are some common signs that your girlfriend may be cheating on you. If 3 or more apply to your loved one, she may be unfaithful.

She’s Not Responding to Your Messages

Your girlfriend forgetting to text back on occasion or her phone battery dying occasionally is normal. However, if this is becoming a repeated problem, this may be a sign of cheating, especially if she was reliable in responding before.

She’s Being Secretive

If you and your girlfriend used to have no secrets, and now she is looking behind her back as she’s texting someone, this may be a sign that she’s cheating. If you confront her and she doesn’t give a straight response, it’s a sign she’s hiding something, including cheating.

She Doesn’t Want to Discuss Personal Things

If you’ve been asking your girlfriend what’s been going on in her life, or if you want to know if she has any plans to take things to the next level, you should expect at least acknowledgment. If your girlfriend ignores these questions, it could prove something is up.

Her Routine Changes

If you know her schedule by heart, and she has since changed it, and it’s not due to work or personal reasons, there may be cheating to blame.

She’s Suddenly Improving Her Appearance

If your girlfriend is suddenly watching her weight, buying new clothes, and trying on more makeup than usual, this may be a sign that she’s trying to impress someone new. Self-improvement is good, but doing it out of nowhere may be due to sinister reasons.

She Is Arguing with You More

Couples are going to fight, but more fighting than usual could be due to your girlfriend’s guilt or her trying to get you to end the relationship. If you find you’re constantly butting heads, it might be due to cheating.

She Deletes Messages

If your girlfriend has a clear text history, she could be hiding a secret conversation with someone. If there are no messages or very few, you may suspect cheating.

She Is No Longer Interested In Being Intimate With You 

If your girlfriend has suddenly become less interested in intimacy with you, it may be a sign that she is fulfilling her needs elsewhere.

Something Smells Off

Literally, in this case. If you know your girlfriend’s scents, her being with someone else or in an unfamiliar area can indicate that she is cheating. For example, maybe she does not smoke but suddenly smells of cigarettes.

How to Catch Her Cheating on Her Phone

Surely you are trying to figure out how to know if your girlfriend is cheating?The answer is to see her phone activity. You could take her phone when she’s not looking, but you may be out of luck if you need to know her password. Even if you know it, she may have deleted her messages or used hidden apps and anonymous browsing.

However, there is a foolproof way to check your partner’s phone for cheating. Installing a spy app can let you see her activities in real time. These apps hide in the background, meaning you don’t need to worry about her finding out.

Another way to spy on cheating girlfriend’s mobile phone is to make a fake social media account and follow her there.

Don’t Be Fooled: Here’s How to Deal with a Cheating Girlfriend

  • A cheating girlfriend may be defensive if you try to confront her. On the other hand, you want not to let your anger take over. Confront her on a day when both of you are in a neutral mood.
  • Ensure you have reasonable proof; don’t be afraid to use it if possible. With that said, there are some instances where all you have is a gut feeling.
  • Ask her what led to this and if she permitted herself to cheat. Be critical about the flaws in your relationship that led to this, too.
  • You need to decide if the relationship is worth continuing. Therapy, and a bit of forgiveness, can fix a relationship. However, it may require a long time for you to build trust and move on. Alternatively, you may feel like it’s time to go your separate ways.

Hopefully, the info was helpful. Catch your girlfriend cheating and keep a finger on the pulse of her actions and behavior.


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