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Isobar Commerce has released statements verifying that it was apart of Magento Global Elite Partner status, the most prestigious and exclusive designation within the company’s online ecosystem.

Magento Global Elite is for partners that have service capabilities and global sales. They have demonstrated excellence in delivering and selling the Magento Commerce Cloud with its high customer satisfaction. Due to Isobar’s reputation, we can see the company gain some recognition within the E-commerce industry.

Isobar Commerce has a track record when working on large Magento implementations. Isobar was the only project to obtain a  Global Commercial Partner of the Year during 2018. Also, the company has Magento expertise that’s based on Switzerland.

Isobar Commerce grouped over more than 1,000 commerce specialists through Isobar’s 45+ markets. The development is used to support Isobar’s Brand Commerce Strategy, which utilizes the technical expertise and customer experience to make seamless experiences that create measurable commercial success.

Who is Isobar?

Isobar is a digital agency that employs 6,500 people in over 45 markets. So far, Isobar has obtained over 300 awards. For instance, one of those awards is the Digital Network of the Year in the Asia-Pacific.

Benefits Of Magento Implementations

Since its a fast growing and secure network, Magento can support a myriad of payment methods. Today, Magento is one of the main preferences for various developers as over 150,000 businesses are starting to use this platform.

With this platform, merchants can easily create shopping websites because it offers a paid-enterprise software version and a free open-source version. There are a few benefits when using Magento implementations, so let’s look at the list:

Extensible and Open Sourced

Magento is open-sourced, meaning that merchants (from small to enterprise level). Small to medium-sized businesses can opt for this system as they don’t have to pay extra for licenses. We know that licensing takes an important part of the cost of website development.

Fortunately, with Magento, you don’t have to pay fees. Simply start by downloading it and installing it on your servers. You won’t have to pay any licensing fees, thus making it a safer option for quick startup businesses.

Mobile Friendly

Today, people tend to purchase products via their smartphones, so its important for merchants to get a platform that uses mobile-friendly configuration. Thus, Magento is one of the best e-commerce platforms because of its mobile-friendly customization options.

It’s a one-stop shopping solution that can be seamlessly viewed on mobile devices. With Magento implementations, you can create a website that’s easily accessed through mobile phones.


Basically, Isobar’s status with Magento marks an interesting stage in E-commerce. In the future, we can expect the company to create more apps and innovations to meet the growing consumer command. Thus, we think that you should get used to Magento implementations to ensure you receive the most traffic and utility out of your site.

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