Remote working is now more popular than ever! Businesses are now realizing that people can be just as productive at home, allowing them to reduce costs associated with renting or owning office space.

But your regular telephone company cannot accommodate such arrangements, can they? That’s why many are switching their communication systems to VoIP.

More than one year since the pandemic started, more businesses are abandoning their old systems for VoIP.

The trend still exists today. That’s why it’s a great time to be a VoIP reseller! It’s even a greater option for IT agencies.

Not sure if it’s the right move? Keep reading and find out why it should be your next big decision for the agency.

So what makes it specifically great for an IT agency?

As we all know, reselling can be a great way to add another income stream. You get to set your own profit margins and set your target market. But for an IT agency, there are even more benefits that must be discussed:

1. It sets you apart

What do you have that many of your competition doesn’t offer? Having VoIP is another service that you can deliver to your customers puts you above the rest.

What you’re doing is offering something that will possibly benefit your clientele and at the same time have them think of you as a prime White Label VoIP provider.

Think about it, if you’re the client, why won’t you go for an option that offers more? This would remove the necessity for them to avail of services from various companies, thus simplifying the buying process on their part.

Providing convenience to them will allow you to be seen at least as deserving of a spot on their shortlist.

2. It’s related to your business

You’re not offering an out-of-this-world product that would feel out of place among your other offerings. It can actually complement what you offer.

If a company needs IT services, perhaps they’d also be more inclined to consider VoIP for communication.

3. You already have clients

Once you get anyone to buy from you, it’s easier to have them buy again. The trust has been built, so you don’t need to do much convincing to explain the value of VoIP to them.

Plus, you already have an understanding of what they need. This could help if you’d send personalized pitches their way.

How do you become a VoIP reseller?

If you’re interested in adding this to your range of services, here are three ways that you can go about it:

1. Shop around for a solid provider

This is the most important step in your transition to becoming a reseller. After all, you don’t want to damage your reputation by offering subpar services.

If your budget allows it, you can even get something that they offer to experience for yourself the service that you’re going to sell to your clients.

Otherwise, you can also rely on reviews and recommendations, then decide from there.

But top-notch quality isn’t the only thing that you should be looking for. It’s also important that the provider you want to go with values the service you’re bringing to them.

And what better way to show their appreciation than by offering generous compensation your way? Betacompany offers 15% for your retainer client for their 60 months of subscription. Plus, you get massive discounts on numbers!

Learn to balance quality and compensation so your venture as a reseller would truly be profitable.

2. Create your own service package

You don’t want to be generic. Your clients are exposed to enterprises offering them services, and they can smell mediocrity from a mile away.

Since you already have a brand, it may be a good idea to integrate it into your existing services. Perhaps even offer it as an add-on or even build a package with VoIP as the main dish, so to speak.

This may entail some extra work for you, depending on how you structure your pricing and your packages.

Again, it’s all about considering all the factors. This move may entail larger profit margins, but it will mean having to be solely responsible for ensuring that all systems purchased from you are working all the time.

3. Rebrand it as your own for reselling

Here, you get a hybrid of the first two options. You get to rebrand the services as your own. This requires the least level of technical know-how to sustain the business as you’ll only need to take care of the customer support.

Since you’re part of an IT agency, perhaps you already have talent that could manage these. Or at most, developing the skills needed to sustain reselling won’t be much of a challenge.

No matter how you decide to go about it, the argument still stands: it makes sense for an IT agency to go into reselling VoIP. How you go about it is up to you.

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