Almost everyone who has access to a smart phone and internet has heard of Instagram. This powerful social media platform has become the launching pad and marketing arena for many brands. Especially for items that sell for their appeal like lifestyle, food and fashion, Instagram has pushed sale and influenced many customers. For influencers, this is a goldmine. Just by sharing experiences and showing off products, the rest of the world is convinced that they too should buy.

Well, right there is a mutually beneficial relationship; a company has a product to market and an influencer has a following that will easily heed their call to buy.

Instagram for brand marketers

Before December 11, 2018, it was possible for marketers to get their target audience data just from social listening, hence the rush to Visit the website for more info. Some of the monitoring tools are no longer available but at least brands can still:

  • Follow conversations on products
  • See comments and captions on posts as well as shares of images and videos.
  • Frequency of mentions compared to competitors.
Instagram brand marketers

Impact of Instagram updates on product campaigns by influencers

When a brand contacts an influencer, they are contracted to improve sales through creating awareness on the products. If your influencers use business accounts, it is going to be business as usual because their posts as well as reactions from their followers can be monitored.

Do you have plans to find more influencers to market your products? You can either hire professional influencers or manually fish through hashtags and topics to get micro-influencers. The problem with hiring influencers that do not have a business account is that they will be the ones to share their posts, rate of engagement and data on clicks made on available links.

So what happens when a business does not see from their Instagram dashboard how their influencers are doing? Is it still possible to do business with influencers that have refused to switch to an Instagram business account? Yes, by;

  • Create a hashtag that you will easily track
  • Have a unique promocode for each influencer to track sales
  • Manually follow posts made by every influencer on your payroll.

Honestly, this is just too much work. You need to convince influencers you are hoping to work with to switch their personal accounts to business. An influencer with a business account gets discovered easily by brands. They also have analytics to prove their influence and can easily gauge their social performance for purposes of improvement.

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