Its taste makes customers cry! A cup of coffee costs $1,500 ?

A cup of coffee costs

The customer needs to order it two weeks in advance

An Australian café caught the attention and aroused curiosity not only locally but also globally, as several foreign media outlets reported what they called a strange phenomenon developed by a café in Australia that offers a cup of specialty coffee at a price of up to $1,500.

And when everyone asked the question about the reason for the exorbitant price of a cup of coffee, the coffee shop justifies that with the difficulty of making the one cup that the customer needs to request in advance two weeks in advance so that the coffee shop owners can transport the beans from Panama to Australia.

As reported by the “Daily Mail” newspaper, these coffee beans are cultivated and roasted on the verdant slopes of Sila de Pando, a volcanic region bordering Panama and Costa Rica. Grown at a lofty altitude of 1,700 meters above sea level, they offer a truly exceptional taste experience.

The owner of the café confirmed that the taste of coffee is unparalleled, and it scored more than 90 from the Coffee Association specialized in categorizing the taste, and this makes it one of the highest classifications in the world, adding that this exceptional coffee makes people cry because of its magnificence.

Coffee is poured into the cup manually, after which hot water is added slowly and in stages so as not to spoil the taste.

Al Masar reported that so far only two customers have ordered coffee.

Will you be the third?

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