Jake Gyllenhaal and ‘unpleasant’ memories with Jennifer Aniston: The intimate scenes were torture

Jake Gyllenhaal and'unpleasant memories2
Jake Gyllenhaal Jennifer Aniston participate at Hollywood Film Festival Gala

American actor Jake Gyllenhaal decided to talk about “unpleasant” memories with international actress Jennifer Aniston when filming The Good Girl 2002

In a recent interview, the actor talked about the intimate scenes he had to film with Aniston and continued, “It was torture, yeah it was, but it wasn’t torture either. I mean, it was like a combination of the two.”

Jake explained that at the time he had a crush on Jennifer, which made filming intimate scenes very awkward for him. He added, “It’s strange when about 30 or 50 people are watching you while you’re shooting intimate shots.”

The actor said that the scene is like a dance designed for the cameras or a fight scene and he was always trying to convince himself of that during filming.

He explained that Jennifer suggested some solutions to help them feel more comfortable while filming the bedroom scenes.

He confessed that the pillow technique was used in the movie, noting it had been a preemptive measure to keep people safely lying down.

Jake Gyllenhaal and Jennifer Aniston

Additionally, he said with a smile,”I believe that was actually an idea from Jennifer. She graciously proposed it before we started and commented ‘Let’s place a pillow here.'”

The film revolves around a married woman (Aniston) who is in an unhappy marriage and decides to enter into an affair with her co-worker who is years her junior (Gyllenhaal).

Jake also revealed his future plans with his girlfriend, Jeanne Cadieu, and his ambition to be a good husband and father. He added, “Now, after I have achieved a lot of things in my career. I can say that I feel comfortable and safe,” indicating that he seeks to live a quiet family life.