Japandi Style Ideas for 2021

Japandi Style Ideas for 2021


There are many people who enjoy Japandi interior style ideas and have been fascinated with this style for a long time. Whether you like it or not, this trend will be around in 2021 and is worth considering. Here are some of our favorite designs that we hope you’ll find inspiring as well!

Pair the colors to create contrast

When it comes to interior design, the two most important factors are color and texture. There’s an art in pairing colors together for contrast, while maintaining a flow of continuity throughout your space. The key is not just having contrasting colors on your walls—think about using different textures as well when you pair any two or more contrasting items together. Mixing wood furniture with metal accents will create visual interest because each surface has a completely different feel (even if they match in color). This same theory applies to fabrics too: mix prints with solids, woven fabrics with knits to get both high-contrast and low-contrast effects that work great at home. If you are interested to know more about Interior design and how to create a unique home atmosphere, consider enrolling in the interior design courseJapandi” by Home Design Institute, Paris. 

Replace carpets with hardwood floors for durability and style

The first thing you should do to spruce up your home is replace carpet with hardwood floors. Carpet is great for trapping dirt and dust, but it doesn’t last as long as hardwood. It also can be a safety hazard because of the risk of tripping over loose threads or stepping on one that has been pulled out from under the rug. Hardwood flooring brings warmth into any room and if you have pets in your house, this will be a huge benefit! Installing new hardwoods won’t break the bank either so don’t worry about costly remodels when replacing old carpets with boards may do just fine.

Bring nature inside with plants, trees, flowers, or even fish tanks

Bring nature inside with plants, trees, flowers, or even fish tanks. It is not always easy for people to take care of a pet at home and it can be expensive too. But if you have the space at your place then this is a great way to bring some life into your living room or bedroom! Choose from indoor plants that require less sunlight such as succulents and bonsai trees which are perfect for those who don’t like watering their plants often, but still want them indoors. Or try out a small palm tree in an area where there’s lots of light coming through the window; they grow fast enough that you won’t have to worry about caring for it every day. You can also opt for tabletop fountains or a simple fish tank to bring some life into your home.

Experiment with different textures like velvet or suede to add a luxurious feel

A new trend in interior design has been emerging over the last few years. With people looking to have their homes look and feel more luxurious, the use of various textures is becoming extremely popular. One idea would be to apply a velvet or suede finish to your furniture for an added touch of luxury. Another way you can add texture into your home is through artwork on your walls. Choose pieces that are made from materials such as felt, wood, silk fabric and wool tapestry to enhance the feeling of softness throughout your space.

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Use a geometric design in your living room

Geometric design is one of the most popular interior decorations in Japandi style. You can use this idea for a living room, kitchen or bedroom with minimal effort and cost. To start off, paint your walls white or champagne color, so that you have a blank canvas to work with. Then set up some simple rules: no two shapes should touch each other; lines must intersect at exactly 90 degrees; and all angles are straight angles (no curves). Once you’ve drawn out your geometric pattern on paper, it’s time to go get painting! If choosing colors sounds difficult, try sticking with just one color per shape – blue rectangles will be very different from yellow squares without any overlapping hues ruining everything for everyone.


Japandi is a new interior style that will be emerging in 2021. It blends the elegance and simplicity of Japanese design with modern minimalist Scandinavian influences. The best way to incorporate Japandi into your home or office space is by using calming tones, natural materials like wood, white marble countertops, bamboo flooring and decorate it with plants. 

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