Jeremy Renner publishes the first photo after the “strange” accident

Jeremy Renner publishes the first photo

A newly released report has shed light on the catastrophic incident involving American actor Jeremy Renner, revealing that the snowplow which struck him was a staggering 6,500 kilograms in weight.

With great appreciation, Renner expressed his sincerest gratitude to all of his followers on Instagram by saying “I can’t find the right words right now, but my heart is filled with love and thanks for each one of you.”

Officials issued an update on their investigation of the New Year’s Day incident, accompanying it with a statement.

New Year’s Eve brought a sudden winter storm to Reno, causing power outages in thousands of homes and closing hundreds of roads all over Northern California and some parts of Nevada.

How did the accident happen?

  • Renner, twice-nominated for an Academy Award and all alone, had to make his way out of his Lake Tahoe home with a PistenBully snowplow crafted by German engineering company Kassbohrer.
  • Unfortunately, the machine’s safety measures were unable to protect Renner and it rolled onto his leg for a distance of approximately one quarter mile away from the estate. According to TMZ reports.
  • The neighbor, who just so happened to be a medical professional, quickly applied a bandage on the artist’s leg wound in order to halt the bleeding. Sadly though, Renner had lost an extensive amount of blood by 9:50 am when he was airlifted off for hospital care.
  • According to sources close to Renner, TMZ reported that the actor had suffered injuries throughout his body other than just his leg.
  • On Monday, a representative of the American star reported that Jeremy’s family was by his side in hospital. The communique stated: “We are able to affirm that Jeremy is in an essential yet stable condition because of injuries obtained from a weather-related mishap while shoveling snow.”
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