When you become a parent, you come up with all sorts of excuses not to do the things you used to do. In a way, it’s understandable. You’re a parent now, and you have other priorities. It doesn’t mean though that you have to give everything up. It’s still possible for you to enjoy your life even if your kids are the priority. If you used to attend academic conferences because you see their value, you could still do it now.

Being a working parent is difficult. Going to a different place and staying there for a few days to attend an academic conference is even more challenging. When you find a valuable conference, you have to do everything possible to be there.

Arrange a sitter

Once you know the dates of the conference, you can arrange for a sitter to come over and take care of your kids. Start with your parents since they could be available, and they might be willing to help. You can also pay a trusted neighbor or friend to take care of your child.

Ask the conference organisers if you can bring your child

If you can’t find someone to babysit, you need to ask the organizer if you can bring your child with you. Some conferences welcome parents and might even have an area where kids can play while the event is going on. Try asking the organizers for options if you wish to attend, but no one will take care of your child.

Ask for an extension

If your employer sends you to a conference, you could ask for an extension so that you can travel the area with your kids. You usually don’t have the chance to bond with them because of your busy schedule. Since you’re already in a different city, you might as well take the opportunity to enjoy it.

Ask for alternatives

If you can’t join the conference given your schedule and responsibilities, you can ask for an alternative so that you won’t miss the chance to receive the information coming from the speakers and presenters. It might be possible for you to take part by watching live blogs or by receiving the papers used by the presenters. The goal is for you to still get the information obtained by those who decided to attend.

Look for reliable conferences

You don’t need to attend all upcoming academic conferences. When you find one organised by a reputable group or with a prestigious keynote speaker, you need to attend it. If the event will be in one of the large conference venues UK event organisers use, it’s even a more significant reason for you to take part. Register soon since you will learn a lot from such events.

Once you decline an invitation to a conference, you might keep doing the same thing in the future and miss all the chances. Don’t worry about your kids. It’s not like you’re going to leave them for good to work in another place. You can find a way to still take care of them.


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