This article will review Kall8 and their services, compared with another renowned provider of virtual numbers, United World Telecom. We’ll determine which company may be best suited to meet your overall business needs.

Kall8 vs United World Telecom: Virtual Phone Number Providers Review

Kall8 has been a nationwide provider of virtual phone numbers for many years. But, are they the company that’s still revered as the best in the business? With quite a number of online reviews to consider, many people are looking to other companies for their virtual phone number needs.

Who are Kall8 and United World Telecom?

Both Kall8 and United World Telecom are companies that help other companies and business owners by providing a number of helpful services. The most notable service they both provide is selling virtual phone numbers. These numbers work just like regular phone numbers, but they work across the internet platform. This allows them to be made from any type of phone, whether landline or mobile. And, this further allows them to be forwarded to any type of phone as well.


Why Use a Virtual Phone Number?

The benefits of virtual numbers for business are plentiful. They allow businesses to better monitor marketing campaigns by organizing metrics, reach customers in other areas of the world, and allow for more memorable business phone numbers. Furthermore, virtual numbers are customizable, so they can reach customers located any place in any geographical location on planet Earth. You can choose between a number of toll number prefixes, or simply choose the area code which your audience base resides. This creates a more trusting business-consumer relationship and allows your consumers to better relate with your business telephone number. Finally, virtual phone numbers can work from any type of phone, even mobile devices! This means that you can do business anywhere, even on the go. Whatever your reason for needing virtual phone numbers, once you know you can benefit from them, you need to look for a reputable service provider.

Choosing a Reputable Virtual Number Provider

Your virtual number provider should be one who can manage your virtual numbers comprehensively and completely. This way, you don’t have to worry about technical issues, adding special features, and other problems that may arise. Obviously, you want to choose a provider that has your business needs in mind. So, you may want to perform research on various companies regarding customer reviews, as past customers may have the best insight into how each provider manages client accounts and services. 

Cons of Choosing Kall8 as a Provider

As Kall8 is a popular provider of virtual phone numbers, they may be one of the providers you are considering. However, over the last few years, customers have begun to notice things about Kall8 and their system that could use some improvement. First, many customers report their control panel, which is used to update phone number settings and manage message controls, is a bit outdated. This can mean that it’s more challenging to change settings than customers would want with the Kall8 platform.

In contrast, United World Telecom provides a more updated platform which allows for more easily updated virtual number settings. Furthermore, United World Telecom offers a number of customizable features for virtual phone numbers which Kall8 may not provide. Some of these features include call recording, number extensions, customizable greetings, simultaneous ringing, local ringback tones, and more!

Choosing United World Telecom as Your Virtual Phone Number Provider

We get it – you don’t feel comfortable choosing a service that doesn’t offer the best reviews for your business needs. If you don’t want to take the risk of using Kall8 and their updated virtual phone number services, consider United World Telecom for your virtual number needs. Have questions about virtual phone number features or how they may help your business? Contact us today to learn more.


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