After being suspended from Twitter, Kanye West said that he believes Elon Musk is a half-Chinese and Genetic hybrid.

Kanye West said that he believes Elon Musk is a half Chinese

After suspending his Twitter account, Kanye West moved to Instagram to continue his battle with American billionaire and new platform owner Elon Musk.

On his widely followed Instagram account, the American rapper mused “I sometimes see pictures of Elon as a child and think that he could be part Chinese. Imagine taking a Chinese genius and pair him with a South African model–brilliant! And we have an Elon.”

Musk replies

In comparison, Musk tweeted in response to an account that shared part of West’s post, “That’s a nice compliment!”

On Friday, the American billionaire announced that the American rapper’s Twitter account would be suspended due to “incitement to violence.” This announcement came after the publication of a picture which intertwine the swastika with the Star of David.

Bulk criticism

Approximately two weeks ago, Kanye West sparked additional controversy when he argued with his ex-wife Kim Kardashian and her family. This disagreement escalated until social media companies banned him from using Twitter and Instagram after he published messages they said were hostile and hateful.

After being scolded for wearing a T-shirt reading “White Lives Matter” during Paris Fashion Week, West was involved in another embarrassing situation.

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