Kate Winslet wins the Best Actress Award at the BAFTA Awards…and her reaction is impressive


Kate Winslet couldn’t hold back her tears when it was announced that she won this year’s BAFTA Award for Best Actress for her role in I Am Ruth.

Kate broke down crying next to her daughter, who was also affected, and hugged her mother with joy.

Upon arriving on stage to receive her award, Kate joked with the audience, explaining that she couldn’t see her speech written on the paper because she was crying.

The star thanked everyone who contributed to the success of this work, and praised the director, Dominic Savage, who deals carefully with works to raise awareness of this importance.

Kate said during her victory speech: “If I could divide this award in two, I would give my daughter the second half, we did it together .”

Mia cried upon hearing her mother’s touching words, and sent her many kisses before telling her out loud: “I love you so much .”

Kate explained the great effort her daughter made to play this role, which included many charged and conflicting emotions. She explained that she was also surprised by her daughter’s acting abilities, who “held her breath,” as she put it.

Kate warned of the world of media, which she said destroys the lives of teenagers and puts a lot of stress on them. She explained that parents feel “totally helpless” about how to guide their children to surfing social media.