Re-evaluating the performance of your SEO plan is critical for success. Even the best websites have to be reviewed, just to ensure if digital strategies are delivering results as predicted. For the uninitiated, SEO audit is like an evaluation and review of a website, to check if it’s optimized for SEO and whether it has the potential to feature on SERPs. SEO Audits must be done once in a while, often randomly to check website performance, especially if traffic has been stagnant or when the website is not generating enough leads. There are many ways to complete an audit, but the most effective idea is to hire a reliable SEO firm that can manually evaluate every aspect that may matter for website performance.

Working with an agency for SEO Audits

There are some aspects of SEO Audits that can be automated, and it works big time for reducing the time, but for most of the tasks, SEO agencies rely on manual checks. There are various aspects that are evaluated for an audit. First and foremost, the website is evaluated for its structure, URLs, and other aspects, to find if any design or navigation flaw is impacting user experience. In many cases, SEO agencies recommend changes or suggest a redesign, if required. SEO Audits also focus on page loading time, overall website performance, and Google Analytics. The auditing team will check if the contents on the website have clarity, and whether the right keywords have been used in the right density.

If you are hiring an SEO agency for the first time, they will do the SEO Audit for free initially, and based on the work involved, they will offer an estimate. Always consider the expertise of an agency if you intend to hire them for the job. Most companies have an SEO Audit checklist, and as the client, you will get a report.

Why do an SEO Audit?

There are many reasons why an SEO Audit may be necessary. For a lot of website owners, performance is a key factor. SEO Audit is like an acid test, and it helps a brand in understanding the aspects that need immediate attention. If you have seen a reduction in traffic or have issues related to conversion rates and online presence, an SEO Audit might be the best way to start evaluation of your digital strategy. Here are some more benefits at a glance.

  1. To improve content. Sometimes, you don’t need to change contents for all pages but only improve the on-page SEO elements, and for that, the audit is the best way to find flaws.
  2. To recover from penalties. If Google has penalized your website, doing an SEO Audit might be an absolute necessity. For many brands, it is a routine way of ensuring that their respective websites are in sync with Google’s SEO guidelines.
  3. To come up with a SEO plan. If you are not sure what you should do about SEO for your website, an audit can offer a fair idea into the strategies. It becomes easier to find the missing pieces of the puzzle, and SEO agencies often use that as a means to rethink and create a masterplan.

Of course, SEO Audits are also about improving user experience. Once the audit is done, the SEO agency you have selected will share all the relevant details and they can guide more on how you can design the website better to improve experience.

In conclusion

Don’t be satisfied with your SEO plan all the time. Being critical of the current strategy is the best way to improve, and it also gives a fair idea of how to keep up with competition.

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