We are all going to be faced with the possibility of retiring one day and we need to make sure that we are well-prepared for it. While some people are happy to keep working until the day they die, others look forward to their golden years and the chance to relax. No matter how you think your retirement should be spent, here are some key signs of a successful one.

An Early Plan

The best retirements come about because people have taken the time to plan them decades beforehand. While you can never know what will happen in the future, you need to make sure that there are some things you know you want to do in your retirement. For example, if you know you want to travel a lot, many people like to start researching places they could visit and what is required to get them there. They may even start up a second retirement fund exclusively for travel which is independent of their living expenses.

Many people decide that they want to move abroad for their retirement to enjoy a warmer climate. However, they are unaware of some of the implications this might have on their ability to claim their pension. Expats can receive charges or limitations on inheritance, investments and pensions if they are not properly prepared. Consulting experts like Tailor Made Pensions should hopefully help you navigate some of the pitfalls.

Financial Freedom

The number one thing people frequently want from retirement is true financial freedom. This is, unfortunately, something else which you need to make sure you plan in advance. With the right pension saving schemes, you should be able to make sure that you have enough income to support the lifestyle you are accustomed to; albeit with a few small changes.

For example, many people choose to sell their family homes and downsize when they retire. This frees up a little extra money which was otherwise bound up in property and also allows them to find the right home for them for the rest of their life.


With the term gentleman or lady of leisure so frequently being applied to retirees, it is clear that many are free to pursue whatever they want. From hobbies abandoned in youth to new leases of life, there is plenty out there for people to do in retirement to keep them happy and healthy.

This is also an extremely important factor in making sure that a person’s emotional well-being is fine. Retirement can be a difficult adjustment for some people who have been driven to work hard all their life. Finding time to sit back and relax can be difficult but they will soon be all the happier for it.

At the heart of it, a successful retirement is going to look different to people experiencing it. However, the three factors which are listed above frequently come up when people discuss exactly what it is which makes a happy and successful retirement. Try to put them into your own plans as soon as possible.


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