Kim Kardashian feels guilty over Kanye West’s attack on her ex-boyfriend

Kim Kardashian has admitted she feels “a lot of guilt” for the way Pete Davidson was treated by ex-husband Kanye West, during their 9-month relationship.
Kardashian began dating Davidson at the beginning of 2022, after she filed for divorce from West the previous year. And while things seemed to be going well for the new lovers, Pete soon became the victim of several offensive and angry remarks from West.
In one of the fiery controversies shared on Instagram, West called Pete obscene and criticized his friend Kid Cody for his friendship with Pete. And West took things even further, with a music video in which he appears to film himself burying Pete alive.
Kardashian spoke to Scott Disick, in the first episode of the new part of “The Kardashians”, about how she felt about this situation, and admitted, “It was my fault. He went through a lot because of his relationship with me.”
Kardashian also revealed how she feels about dating now that she’s single. Rumors have recently swirled that the reality TV star is dating American football star Tom Brady, amid reports that the pair have grown close. However, Kim spoke out in a confession on her new show, saying, “Okay, well, I’m single, I’m not ready to date, and that’s fine.” 


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