Despite her great wealth… Kim Kardashian sells her used clothes

Kim Kardashian sells her used clothes

Reality TV star Kim Kardashian has been subjected to a lot of criticism in recent periods for deliberately flaunting her enormous wealth, and she received a share of that criticism again for announcing that her used clothes were offered for sale at a value of $ 7,500 . 

In the details, Kim Kardashian offered a large collection of her used clothes for sale on the Kardashian Closet website, and she shared a video of her fashion on Instagram.

Among the clothes on display are a white dress from Lanvin for $1,195, an old dress from Norma Kamali for $250, and a Kwaidan skirt for $1,590.

Kim Kardashian sells her

An old coat goes for $3,495, a blouse by Balmain for $495, a skirt by Celine for $695, and a Louis Vuitton jacket for $2,795. 

The public interacted greatly with Kim’s publications, which have a fortune of $ 1.2 billion, and many indicated that she should donate her clothes instead of selling them, as she does not need this money.

But others expressed their surprise at the matter and asked if she would spend this money for a humanitarian purpose. 

It is worth mentioning that last week, Kim faced a backlash against her luxurious lifestyle and deliberately displayed her expensive luggage on the floor of a bus during her trip to Japan.