Kim Kardashian’s audience demands that she reduce the prices of her brand


The prices of Kim Kardashian’s new line of shapewear, Skims, have been called into question by customers and social media users alike. The garments have been deemed overpriced and poorly made, with many complaining about the recent photographs posted on Instagram and Twitter.

A fan wrote, “Cut the prices down! No one is willing to pay that much,” while another said: “I live in Canada and won’t minus taxes. I’m so disappointed. I used to support this brand but it’s getting out of hand.”

A follower accused Kim’s team of not doing their research, after another person sarcastically explained that they would never pay $98 for rhinestones that end up in the washing machine.

Most Shopping websites showed that skims clothing is expensive for most Kim followers; the cheapest item on the site being a rhinestone hair piece costing $30.

It was clear to fans who couldn’t afford Kim’s luxury items that she tailored her products and marketing towards rich people, not the general public.

In this context, one of them said: “The prices are way too high. These products are for rich women who want to show off .”

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