Kim Kardashian’s daughter transforms into a copy of Kanye West

North West, daughter of reality TV star Kim Kardashian, surprised her followers on the social networking site “Tik Tok”  by appearing in a new video with her mother, who is a copy of her star father, Kanye West. North, 9, appeared imitating her father’s movements and wearing his own clothes, while her mother, Kim Kardashian, was standing behind her and swaying with dancing movements.


♬ Bound – Asawa ni mae

 The news of Kanye West’s disappearance made headlines after his former manager told the court that he was unable to reach a specific address for him to give him court documents worth $4.5 million. And the Spanish magazine “Marca” reported that Thomas St. John, West’s former business manager, who is suing him over unpaid fees, told the court that he could not find a specific address to deliver the rapper and ex-wife of reality TV star Kim Kardashian, the judicial complaint. 

Rumors abounded about his disappearance, as the last time he was seen was about 3 weeks ago, and he did not use his social media accounts during this period. And it was stated in the court file that Kanye West does not have a lawyer who can receive the judicial complaint on his behalf, and an attempt was made to notify him about the case, but the failure to find a current address for him made it difficult, and therefore he was notified by mail at several possible addresses that may belong to him.


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