When you spend a lot of time in your kitchen, you want it to look and feel good for you. Most importantly, you want top-notch functionality. In order to achieve that, and prepare some tasty meals, you need to have some kitchen gadgets and essentials at the reach of your hand. In case you’re planning on stepping up your cooking game, the following kitchen must-haves should definitely be a part of your big 2019 shopping list.

Steam cooker/oven for more nutritious food

Interested in preparing healthier and tastier meals without actually putting too much effort into the whole process? The obvious answer is yes, isn’t it? Well, you can do exactly that when cooking with steam. So, get yourself a steam oven or a steam cooker, and you’ll be able to prepare various meals without the food losing its nutrients and juicy vibrant color. This is especially important for veggies as processing them too much can strip off their nutritive value completely. Conveniently, steam doesn’t do that.

An air fryer can make all the difference

Aside from a steam oven/cooker, there’s also a very fresh kitchen appliance that is bound to become a kitchen must-have in 2019. The spotlight belongs to the air fryer. Basically, this is the perfect alternative for people who really like oily food. As we all know, using too much oil isn’t good for one’s health but it tends to be an essential ingredient in many people’s favorite meals. But, using an air fryer also means as little oil as possible for equally tasty meals that usually require a lot of oil.

Water purifier will be a worthwhile investment

Hopefully, you’re drinking plenty of water in 2019. But, you also want to drink good quality water. A lot of people resort to buying bottled water but in the end, that’s not really sustainable or eco-friendly. On the other hand, buying your own water purifier that quickly and efficiently turns tap water into drinkable and potable water is definitely a smart investment. Not only will you save money while you keep yourself properly hydrated, but when you have your own portable bottle, you’re doing your bit for the environment, too.

You always need top-quality cookware

If you’re set on preparing delicious meals, some of your kitchen must-haves should definitely include cast iron cookware. For starters, cast iron is durable and easy to clean, which is, without a doubt, a great deal for people looking to expand their range of cookware in 2019. You can also so a little research and find the best carbon steel wok in the market. There are all kinds of different pieces that can make a big difference for your meal prep – the important thing is for you to choose those that you know will be the most useful to you and the meals you tend to make often. That said, definitely consider wedge, grill and cake pan, skillet, Dutch oven, wok, and similar for your kitchen additions this year.

Enjoy your mornings with a coffee maker

In case you can imagine your mornings without a warm cup of coffee, you are one of the lucky few. Most people really benefit from this beverage upon waking up, especially when they have to hurry in order to get to work/school. In this day and age, stopping by the coffee shop every single morning is not the most ideal or frugal solution. That said, a coffee maker is truly one of the most popular kitchen must-haves in 2019 (but previous years as well). After all, most modern appliances provide different kinds of coffee, including latte, cappuccino and espresso, which is always a nice touch. Not only do you get to make coffee for yourself the moment you get up just the way you like without risking being late, but you can also surprise your guests when they come by.

You know what you would use in your kitchen the best; with that in mind, opt for appliances and cookware that will make your meal prep easier and healthier. There’s no need to fill your kitchen with items that will only collect dust and create clutter. But, with the right choice of your personal kitchen must-haves, you can make the most out of the time you spend in there. In the end, this isn’t just a matter of functionality, but your self-care as well. So, take your pick but pick smartly.

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