Hunting means killing or trapping an animal. Normally, the animal was killed or trapped to be a prey for humans. Hunt means an act of chasing game. Nowadays hunting can be classified into two as legal and illegal hunting. Legal hunting is done to remove the predators which are harmful to the people or to the domestic animals. Regional social norms are generally antagonistic to hunting. A few sectors, such as the Bishnoi, lay special emphasis on the conservation of particular species, such as the antelope. India’s Wild life Protection Act of 1972 bans killing of all wild animals.

Purpose of hunting:

Hunting animals may have been one of the multiple environmental factors for their meat, skin and bones.  They hunted for their living, for food, cloth and to protect themselves from the wild animals. Hunting often remained as a part of our culture where the environment and social conditions allowed. Ancient humans used complex hunting techniques to kill antelopes, wild beast and other animals. In the research they have found out that our ancient people have also used the left over meals of lions and dead animals’ meat as food. They hunted animals such as lions, tigers, cheetah, rabbits, elephants and peacocks are also been hunted nowadays. Fishing is also a type of hunting but it is not included in hunting.

Hunting in medieval period:

Then kings hunted for their pride and also to show their courage. The kings had a habit of hanging the heads of the animals hunted by them. It will show their courage to the enemies as well as their friends. In the medieval period they used different weapons like arming sword, long basilar as and bow and arrow. The rangers have given importance even to the clothes they wear. They wear authentic clothes and use period weapons, animals and methods to recreate hunting. Medieval hunting clothes are remarkably practical, underclothes wick away moisture while the outer wool garments retain warmth even when wet. The boots are “turn shoes” essentially a leather sock sewn inside out then reversed for wear. Great for stalking, like a moccasin, but not too durable. A huntsman might wear a pair through in three months.

Hunting – “A hobby today”:

In the recent times hunting has become a hobby. The hunting is restricted and also laws against anti-hunting are raised. There are new weapons introduced in the market for hunting purpose. Most of the hunters prefer the hand guns with high configurations. There are more than fifty types of rifles used for hunting. The best red dot sight is a magnifying device which in used for target acquisition and aiming. It is used in the hand guns for hunting purpose. These types of magnifying devices are normally used in cameras and telescopes. If you want to become a professional hunter this magnifier will be more helpful. This magnifier can be combined with laser scopes; you will have a great experience. The dots can be moved and adjusted according to the aim. It has an audio correcting style, so you can open both your eyes while aiming. You can also locate your aim faster.

Types of red dot sights:

There are different types of red dot sights in the market. Only if the know the types of the red dot sights you can differentiate the appropriate one from the junk.

  1. The red dot sight reflex
  2. ACOG sights
  3. Holographic sights


Before you select or decide the best red dot sight there are certain factors which has to look into wind and elevation adjustment, weight, parallax error, dot size, battery life and HUD style. You can also compare the rates in the online shopping websites and get a best offer.

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