Women and lipsticks are a combination made in heaven. Women love their lipsticks and many would claim lipstick to be their favourite product. A lady might not put anything on her face but will always add a dash of colour to her lips. Yes, a concealer is important but lipstick can do wonders for your face. More so, a bold lip colour. It speaks volumes and can make anyone’s head turn. So let’s talk lipsticks. How do lipsticks help you? 

● It’s a great way of socializing. There can be a great bond between two women wearing good matte lipstick. Honestly, the colour of the lipstick can be a conversation starter for you. 

matte lipstick

If you’re often called a lipstick hoarder, you must wear that tag with pride. As a lipstick hoarder, you’ve got yourself a colour that you can wear at any time of the day. The bright orange can be put on during a warm bright day and the deep burgundy at night. When you change the colour of your lipstick, you fall into a whole mood. 

● If you’re quite the contrary, a person who does not apply lipstick regularly then your lipstick shade can make you look and feel like a celebrity, especially if it’s a good red colour. This is because you’ll be showered with compliments about how great you look.

● If you’re putting selfies out there, make sure you have some selfies with lipstick makeup. It’s a sad truth but the better you look, the more the number of likes you get. 

lipstick makeup

● If you’re known as the lipstick lady amongst your gang, then remember that you’ll be the go-to person for them on shades, different brands and other things. You’ll have authority over lipstick and that’s saying something. 

● Honestly, lipstick is that one item where even if you have nothing put on your face, you will still look great because there’s something that pleases the eyes a lot when it comes to bright puckered lips.

● If you’re having a really bad day, honestly nothing is better than spending a little bit on new lipsticks. It will instantly make you feel cheery and will turn your bad day upside down.

● When it comes to lipsticks, they can make you feel you need to put the effort in the way you look. We often just put on a nice swipe of colour in our lips and leave the house, but on some rare days, when you put on that one swipe, you’ll be tempted to do your hair properly and look presentable when you go out. So go on, put some extra effort.

Honestly, without lipsticks life would be so boring. Compliments would be less and the confidence that comes with a compliment would also be on the downside. Hence you must make the lipstick kit, your best friend and now with MyGlamm offering you such good deals on the best lipsticks, you don’t have to look anywhere else. Every collection, the Manish Malhotra Collection, Lit Collection, Pose Collection, each of them is better than the other.


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