Who knew that Knox restaurants specializing in Mediterranean dishes can give you a healthy skin? Yes, it is surprising especially knowing that Mediterranean dishes are good for your health. It’s not been so known that it’s ideal for the skin as well. Looks like there’s definitely a host of advantages by making the Mediterranean cuisine as one’s favorite.

Alright, before digging deep into the dermatological benefits of simply feasting on the souvlakis and tzatzikis, it’s best to know a little bit of the lovely and interesting Mediterranean-specific tidbits and general way of life. It is interesting that these ancient ways made different Glen Waverley restaurants that specialize in Greek/Mediterranean cuisine flourish.

Interesting Mediterranean tidbits and way of life 

Aside from publishing the first cookbook in the 300 B.C., these ancient people have contributed so much to the world’s culinary history. Here are some interesting tidbits:

Experts In Olive Oil Production 

The origins of olive oil is highly debatable. However, the Greeks have mastered the art of making the best olive oil there is. Olive oil presses were discovered in various parts of Greece which date back to 5000 B.C. from the ancient Minoan site in Crete.

Now, the entire world enjoys the flavor and health benefits the olive oil brings. Much of the advanced knowledge in olive oil production traces back to the times when Ancient Greeks made it. There’s no contest that some of the best olive oil is from Greece and other parts of the Mediterranean.

No Cappuccino Please After 11 am 

The Mediterranean region is not only about Greece. It includes all regions/countries surrounding the Mediterranean Sea. As such, Italy is very much a part. Since coffee is an integral part of any Italian’s routine, it is safe to assume that cappuccinos can be had any time of the day. Well, wrong.

Visiting a café and ordering a cappuccino past 11 in the morning is downright unusual and weird for locals. It is also important to note that coffee is generally ordered after meals. Espressos and Macchiato are best ordered in the late afternoon to give Italians that needed kick to get them ready for a busy night of hanging out and partying. 

Veganism Has Been Ever Present 

Being vegan is not a fad. It has been a part of life for most people living in the Mediterranean region. With the abundance of vegetables and fruits, it is easy to have their eyes on these ingredients without having to consume any piece of meat. Some good Knox restaurants on Ozone serve vegan dishes.

Homemade Is The Key 

Different Mediterranean recipes have been passed on from generation to generation. Since everything was made at home centuries ago, it is still the case until now. Even with technological culinary advancements, many choose to remain faithful and loyal to how their dishes were prepared. Good Knox restaurants in Ozone have their meals prepared the way it has been handed down by their elders or through in-depth research on authentic Mediterranean dishes served in a lovely home done by expert Australian shopfitters.

The fast food industry has made its way in the Mediterranean region. However, no amount of instant food can ever equate to their traditional dishes. People in this region take pride in their unique and one-of-a-kind cuisine that no fast food can ever rival. 

Mediterranean dishes served at Knox restaurants and its dermatological wonders 

Diets come and go. Some have stayed long enough for people to stick with. However, the rest tune out and get disenfranchised. Unfortunately, fad diets have had adverse side effects according to reports. As people discover its ill effects, they stop and look for another one.

According to many studies, this is not the case for the Mediterranean Diet. Mediterranean dishes are teeming with health benefits. Many published documents present facts about the Mediterranean Diet’s contribution to living healthier and happier lives. Undeniably, an important visible bi-product of a healthy body is a healthy skin.

Good skin significantly boosts one’s confidence and self-esteem. People are generally social beings. In most social functions, humans involuntarily pay attention to what’s easily visible. Since the skin is highly noticeable, taking care of it comes with utmost importance.

Food For Healthy Skin 

The saying “You are what you eat” holds water for the most part. As food is a necessity, it is crucial to be meticulous and critical about its intake. Not all food is created equal. Some are bad while others work wonders to one’s health. Even the best souvlaki in Melbourne is considered healthy as well.

Having a balanced diet has several benefits, including a clear, supple and nice-looking skin. Healthy food such as fresh fruits and vegetables (to name a few) have the following

nutrients which are responsible for an improved skin condition:


The antioxidants fight some cellular damages. It also promotes better circulation which protects the skin from early signs of ageing. Foods that are rich in antioxidants are berries, beans, nuts, prunes, raisins and many others.


These are present in vegetables and fruits. It is responsible for their bright and distinct colors.

Different types of Carotenoids are as follows:

– Vitamin A that is found in mostly yellow and orange foods.

– Beta Carotene is present in mostly orange-colored fruits and vegetables such as carrots, pumpkins, and sweet potatoes.

– Lutein is good for the eyes and is present in green leafy vegetables.

– Lycopene is found in tomatoes, carrots, watermelon, asparagus and even chicken.

Vitamin C 

It is best described to aid in better collagen production. It keeps the skin smooth, supple and young looking. It also is known to prevent wrinkles, and helps with skin healing. Citrus fruits such as orange, lime and lemon have high concentration of Vitamin C which is good for the body.

Vitamin D 

Vitamin D is mainly responsible for cell growth. It is known to be highly beneficial in healing cases of psoriasis among other skin diseases. Aside from foods such as shellfish and eggs, one can get a substantial amount of Vitamin D through exposure to early morning sun.

Vitamin E 

It protects the outer layer of the skin from the sun. As it protects the skin from the sun, Vitamin E slows down the ageing process. Nuts like walnuts and almonds are good sources of Vitamin E. Aside from food rich in Vitamin E, it can also be topically applied in the form of creams and ointments.


Zinc takes care of the sebaceous glands responsible for producing oil (most on the face). It also

helps in reducing fine lines and blemishes for a clearer skin appearance. Beans, fish, chicken, and other seafood are some foods rich in Zinc. This is why the best souvlakis in Melbourne are rich in this nutrient.


Selenium helps in preserving the skin’s protein to make it smooth and firm to the touch. A good amount of Selenium also prevents the development of skin cancer as it serves as protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays. Eggs, salmon, shellfish and some nuts are good sources of Selenium.

Noticeably, the foods mentioned above mostly make up the Mediterranean Diet. Apart from its weight loss capacity, the Mediterranean Diet significantly produces healthier looking and feeling skin. Many Mediterranean Diet followers and advocates have noticeably good skin appearance while they maintain their ideal weight.

Mediterranean Diet For Acne Prevention 

Mediterranean Diet supported by some good Knox restaurants helps keep blood sugar levels in check and stable. This can result in slowing down the development of acne. Also, the Mediterranean Diet is known to have abundance of low-glycemic foods such as the following:

– Green vegetables

– Fruits

– Raw carrots

– Raisins

– Pineapple

– Sweet corn

– Bananas

– Chickpeas

– Lentils

– Potatoes

– Berries

– Apple cider

Mediterranean Diet For Anti-Ageing 

Olive oil is a predominant ingredient in any Mediterranean dish served in a Mediterranean/Greek Knox restaurant. It provides healthy monounsaturated fats. It is believed to be one of the reasons why people living in the Mediterranean region have good skin. It is also rich in Oleic Acid which has anti-inflammatory effects.

The following are common ingredients found in Mediterranean Diet which are responsible for its anti-ageing properties (aside from olive oil, fruits and vegetables):

– Whole grains such as wheat, barley, brown rice, oats, quinoa

– Fish 

– Beans and legumes

– Nuts

– Milk and Calcium-rich products such as cheese, cream, and yogurt

– Wine

In conclusion 

Thankfully, Knox and other cities all over the country (and the world) have a host of Mediterranean restaurants available. One won’t have a difficult time partaking and enjoying these lovely Mediterranean treats that also promotes good skin aside from other health benefits ideal for the body. With regular visits to the dermatologist and an adequate consumption of Mediterranean dishes, one can probably expect better skin health. It is important to note that Mediterranean dishes aid in promoting good skin. It’s not the clear-cut solution to any skin problems. It is still best to consult with experts then head out to good Knox restaurants serving Mediterranean dishes after the consultation. Good idea, right?

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