Food is the centerpiece of any terrific wedding. If you’re planning a wedding, you’ll want to give your guests every opportunity to enjoy a fabulous meal. You’ll find lots of options to please everyone. Modern wedding food trends are about all sorts of unexpected possibilities. Fresh, delicious food with lots of choices is a great way way to welcome people as they celebrate your union. Modern food caterers have come with even more innovative ways to make your wedding meal even more memorable. Think about the number of guests you’re planning to invite. You should also consider your own personal food style as well as the kind of food that your guests like. Everyone should have something they can eat and share. It’s all about creating a meal that tastes great, looks good and allows everyone to enjoy themselves after the wedding ceremony. At Byron Bay Wedding Catering HoneyWed, we’re there for all your wedding catering needs.

Choose Your Own

People today are increasingly looking for ways to choose their own options. Many people have dietary restrictions. They might be allergic to peanuts or find it hard to digest gluten. Others prefer to avoid certain foods such as dairy or meat. A bar with lots of option allow every single person to find the food they like best and to have it prepared to their specifications. For example, one person might choose the tacos with fish while the other likes chicken instead.

Smaller Courses

Smaller courses are also being increasingly seen in many modern weddings. Brides and grooms are rethinking the progression from appetizer to main course and then dessert. Instead, guests may find a series of varied plates to pick from over the course of a few hours of dining. This might start seafood then have a baked casserole, then a main protein, then a series of carb items while ending with fruit and a wedding cake. The couple can opt for a series of courses that let each person sample of bit of everything.

Miniature Bites

Miniatures are a great way to rethink the standard menu and turn it upside down. Caterers can take ordinary versions of larger items like hamburgers and lamb chops and turn them into little bites that burst with flavor. Bits in miniature are an excellent way to show off the caterer’s talents and have lots of fun along the way. This is a new version of the classic cocktail party. Use lots of exciting tastes guests might not have tasted before. For example, sliders can be topped with exotic fruit relishes that take their cue from the couple’s intended honeymoon destination. Take the classic deviled egg and rethink it. Spike the filling with chopped chorizo, leek and sriracha.

Food Truck Inspiration

Food trucks are everywhere. Brides and grooms can tap into this growing phenomenon with their own variation at their reception. If you’re holding an outdoor wedding, set up half a dozen outside with different possibilities. Guests can head to each truck and have different types of food in a single day. One might offer Mexican flavors while the next has Italian specialties. Make sure you have space for each truck as well as varied types of utensils that guests can use as they walk around with ease. Guests can also participate by deciding which truck serves the best food. The bride and groom can announce which truck pleased them most and offer those servers a round of applause. This is also a good choice for a casual wedding in a laid back location.

Varied Desserts

Desserts mark the end of any meal with glee. You’ll want to bring out something your guests will adore. Offer guests lots of different kinds of desserts. Bring out the sorbet, the chocolate ice cream and the donuts in addition to the wedding cake. This is a great way to bring your wedding theme to life. For example, if you are having a wedding theme based around your love of travel, now is the time to bring that theme to life. A series of desserts from lots of places is ideal. Macaroons, profiteroles and other French desserts are a good option along with items such as donuts and fruit tarts.

Local Sources

Couples are looking locally. Locally sourced food has wonderful advantages. It’s generally fresher than other options. This is a good way to keep up cherished traditions. It’s also a good way to keep the food green and seasonal. Think about which regional foods each member of the couple likes best. For example, one area might have lots of fruit that’s not often seen in other areas. Other foods may include certain dishes that have been developed over time like pizza topped with locally grown vegetables. Consider what people in the area eat. Anything can be a source of wonderful inspiration. If there’s an excellent chain that serves wonderful fast food, there are plenty of ways to upscale it for a formal dinner. French fries can be turned into carefully roasted potatoes. A couple might opt for other fry variants. Chickpeas, yams, cauliflower can all be dipped in oil and then turned into ideal wedding food.

Ethnic Roots

Now is the time when many people are reexamining their own ethnic roots. Exploring your heritage can be used as a way of making your wedding personal and interesting. For example, if you have roots in China, now is the time to think about a Chinese menu that offers the best of your family’s ancient cuisine. If your parents are from India, honor their contribution to your life with an authentic Indian repast. Guests who never had such food welcome the opportunity to taste flavors that are entirely new to their palette. Considering offering some familiar options as well. For example, if you’re putting out an Indian spiced chicken dish, you can bring out a milder version for those who prefer something less adventurous.


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