LeBron enters history with 38 thousand points

LeBron enters history with 38 thousand points

In a stunning feat, LeBron James became the second player in NBA history to amass an astonishing 38,000 points during his career – coming ever closer to dethroning Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s record.

James, in his 20th season of competition, was only 11 points away from reaching a total of 38,000 points when he threw a mid-range shot at the basket during the first quarter of Los Angeles Lakers’ home game against Philadelphia 76ers – eventually attaining this accomplishment.

In spite of LeBron James’ remarkable 35 points, the Lakers ultimately fell to their opponents 113-112.

With a remarkable average of 29 points per game this season, the 38-year-old has continued to prove why he is one of the greatest players in history.

As the four-time titlist and victor of the best player award in his last competition, James is close to overthrowing Karim Abdul-Jabbar’s former Lakers record of 38,387 points. With only a few more weeks left, he is on track to beat this illustrious milestone!

James was elated to receive an enthusiastic birthday message from Abdul-Jabbar on his 38th birthday. He couldn’t contain his excitement when he read, “38 will witness 38,388.”

In just a few weeks, James is anticipated to claim the all-time scoring record as he stands only 363 points shy of Abdul-Jabbar’s total. With his average per game rate, there’s no doubt that this incredible achievement will be reached in time for next month’s All-Star match!